Life In Aegean Macedonia

Edited by Victor Bivell

Life in Aegean Macedonia is an online, ongoing book about Aegean Macedonia - its people, politics, culture, history, and diaspora. The focus is on quality work that illustrates the life of the region's native Macedonian population.

Original contributions are welcome. Material should be previously unpublished, and may be articles, essays, reminiscences, academic papers, or other format.


Lerin in Mourning, by Atanas Tane Naumovski, Translated by Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart

For Sacred National Freedom - Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters, Translated by Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart

Articles, Essays and Reports

Developing Village Tourism, Radio Interview with Jim Bivolchev
My Life in Neret and Pemberton, by George Germanchev
Family Names of Banitsa Inhabitants, by Ted Nitchov
265 Macedonians Who Migrated to North America, by Basil Stephanoff
Exhibition on the First Doctoral Dissertation on the Macedonian Language, by George Durtanosky
Macedonians Who Arrived in the Akron Area of Ohio in the Early 1900s, by Basil Stephanoff
Selo Neret - Prvite Kuki, Vodenitsi, Valitsi, Mali i Tsrkvi Vo Tursko Do 1950 Godina, by Petre Ristuchin
Creolisation of the Macedonian Speech of Macedonian Immigrants in Canada, Especially of those from Aegean Macedonia, by Slave Nikolovski - Katin
The Village of Bouf, by Anastas Dimitroff
Language Maintenance and Macedonian Adolescents, by Chris Najdovksi
The Violence of Racism and the Implications for Minority Women, by Malina Stankovska and Pandora Petrovska

Community Leader Stands for Parliament, by Victor Bivell

The Arrival and Settlement of Macedonians in the Inner Western Suburbs of Melbourne, by Nick Anastasovski

Interview with Tanas Mechkarov, by Victor Bivell

The Shadows Of Silence, by Tanya Geles

The Relations Between Macedonia and Greece: The Name Dispute, by Jim Thomev

Bapchor Then, Bapchor Now, by Lita Grakini

ASNOM and Independent Republic of Macedonia Against the Bucharest Agreement of 1913 - Legal and International Effects, by Atanas Stojanoski

The Human Rights Situation of Macedonians in Greece and Australia, a Submission by the Aegean Macedonian Association of Australia to the Australian Government

A Life in Macedonian Affairs - Interview with Mick Veloskey, by Victor Bivell

About the Hellenization of Southern (Aegean) Macedonia - A Review of 'Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood', by Antonio Milososki

My First Step Abroad, by Micho Stefanovski

My First Visit To My Birthplace, The Village Neret Near Lerin in Aegean Macedonia, by Atanas Strezovski

The Migrant Experience: From Village to Suburb, by Alexander Glafchev