Books on the Macedonians of Greece

Pollitecon Publications is a publisher of quality books on the Macedonians of northern Greece, focusing on their culture, history and struggle for basic human rights.

Following the Balkan Wars of 1912-13, Greece annexed half the territory of Ottoman Macedonia and undertook a program of colonization, denationalization and assimilation of the local Macedonians and other ethnic groups which continues to this day.

The books have three purposes:

1. To provide quality information in English on the ethnic Macedonians

2. To assist the Macedonians in their desire to attain recognition and basic human rights

3. To assist Greece to end its policies of assimilation and institutionalized racism and become a tolerant, multicultural society.

Pollitecon Has Published The Following Books

  Lerin in Mourning
Picture On The Mantelpiece   The Contest For Macedonian Identity 1870-1912
A Girl From Neret    The Big Water
From War to Whittlesea: Oral Histories of Macedonian Child Refugees   Children Of The Bird Goddess: A Macedonian Autobiography
Black Seed   Macedonian Agenda
The Rising Sun In The Balkans: The Republic Of Macedonia   What Europe Has Forgotten: The Struggle Of The Aegean Macedonians