Pollitecon Has Published The Following Books

The Life Story of Tanas Kirev
The Life Story of Tanas Kirev is a 90 year autobiography of a Macedonian man born in the village of Neret in Aegean Macedonia. The story starts with his family and early life in the village, and moves to key events in the Second World War and the Greek Civil War and their consequences. In search of a better life, the author migrated to Western Australia and found a full life with work, marriage, family and community. Although intended as a family record, the author is happy to share his experiences with those interested in Macedonian history and in a migration story of sanctuary, freedom and opportunity. Read More

My Childhood Memories: From a Shepherd to a Chemical Engineer
My Childhood Memories is the story of a shepherd boy in Macedonia who enjoyed observing and trying to understand the mechanical and technical objects and events around him. When he migrated to Australia and did well in school he turned that love of mechanics into a career in engineering and teaching. His story has many insightful and comic details about the life and people in a small Macedonian village, growing up as a migrant in Melbourne, and developing a fulfilling career in engineering. Read More

Lerin in Mourning
Lerin in Mourning names and commemorates 2,056 Macedonian fighters who died for Macedonian freedom in the Greek Civil War. The fighters are grouped by their village, and the book has information on 99 villages in the Lerin region of Aegean Macedonia (northern Greece). There is also a description of key events in the Civil War from a Macedonian perspective. Free download. Read More

For Sacred National Freedom - Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters
Written by their comrades and colleagues, For Sacred National Freedom is a monument to 370 Macedonians who fought and died for freedom in the Greek Civil War. It is also a new source of historical information about the period and the Macedonian Freedom War that was part of the Civil War. Translated from the Macedonian by Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart. Free download. Read More

Pirey, by Macedonian poet, novelist and playwright Petre M. Andreevski, is one of the most well known novels of modern Macedonian literature. Set during the Balkan Wars, the First World War and the years soon after, the story follows the major political shifts in the Balkans at the end of the Ottoman Empire and their catastrophic impact on a Macedonian village and a married couple, Ion and Velika. Read More

Picture On The Mantelpiece
Picture on the Mantelpiece is a powerful autobiography of Stefo and Lena Duketovski from the Macedonian village of Trna. The book gives a Macedonian perspective on the Second World War and the Greek Civil War, the consequences for ethnic Macedonians from Aegean Macedonia (northern Greece), and how a husband and father worked for years to reunite his family that had been scattered around the world. Read More

The Contest For Macedonian Identity 1870-1912
The Contest For Macedonian Identity 1870-1912 is a well researched book detailing the ongoing campaigns to divide and conquer the Macedonian people - first by the Ottoman Empire, and then by Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria as they fought to turn Macedonians into Muslims, Greeks, Serbs and Bulgarians. Read More

A Girl From Neret
A Girl From Neret is the first book about the picturesque mountain village of Neret in Aegean Macedonia. The autobiography, by Lefa Ognenova-Michova and her daughter Kathleen Mitsou-Lazaridis, is a first hand account of a childhood in an old Macedonian village. It also tells of the Macedonian War of Independence that was part of the Greek Civil War, and how Lefa becomes a child refugee. Read More


The Big Water
Set in Macedonia immediately after World War 2, The Big Water tells the story of a group of children orphaned by the war and their life in an orphanage. Full of characters and incidents, the book presents a child's view of life that is both humorous and bleak and, by its end, very moving. Read More

From War to Whittlesea: Oral Histories of Macedonian Child Refugees
From War to Whittlesea is a book of recollections and reflections - dramatic, insightful, passionate and compassionate - from some of the 28,000 Macedonian child refugees who were evacuated from their homes in northern Greece between 1948 and 1949 during the Macedonian struggle for independence in the Greek Civil War.

Children Of The Bird Goddess: A Macedonian Autobiography
Children of the Bird Goddess: A Macedonian Autobiography of Kita Sapurma is an oral history that spans over 100 years and explores the lives of four generations of Macedonian women from Aegean Macedonia (northern Greece). Read More

Black Seed
Black Seed is a great political and humanistic novel of contemporary literature. It is one of the few books that examines life in the Greek prison camps during the Greek Civil War, providing a rare insight into a period when the State-sponsored persecution of political dissidents and ethnic minorities, particularly Macedonians, was at its most intense. Read More

Macedonian Agenda
Macedonian Agenda is a leading reference book about the Macedonian community in Australia. The book explores a number of themes including immigration and settlement patterns, language development, Macedonian identity, women's issues, the child refugees, and a range of political issues. Read More


The Rising Sun In The Balkans: The Republic Of Macedonia
Macedonia's recognition was delayed by Greece regarding the use of the name Macedonia, the use of the Macedonian Sun symbol, and Macedonia's Constitutional concerns for the Macedonian minority in northern Greece. This book presents the arguments of both countries and an objective, third party analysis. Read More

What Europe Has Forgotten: The Struggle Of The Aegean Macedonians
What Europe Has Forgotten: The Struggle Of The Aegean Macedonians is a book which investigates official discrimination in Aegean Macedonia (northern Greece) and the ongoing struggle of the 28,000 Macedonian child refugees who were evacuated in 1948 during the Greek Civil War. Read More