Reprints from Other Publishers

Human Rights Reports

United Nations 2012 Report of the Independent Expert on Minority Issues in Bulgaria

United Nations Tells Greece To Recognize Its Macedonian And Turkish Minorities

Denying Ethnic Identity: The Macedonians of Greece, by Human Rights Watch


Speech by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to the United Nations 2013
Speech by President George Ivanov to the United Nations 2012

On the Effective Implementation of Human and Minority Rights in Europe, by Panayote Dimitras

The Arrival and Settlement of Macedonians in the Inner Western Suburbs of Melbourne, by Nick Anastasovski

Commemorating the British Napalm Bombing of Gramos and Vicho, by World Macedonian Congress

An Invitation to National Suicide, by Jason Miko

Greece Paid Journalists $130 MIllion To Promote The "Greekness Of Macedonia"

Letter from The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders (Re Panayote Dimitras)

Panayote Dimitras Facing High Treason Charges for Speaking about Macedonians

New Acts of Harassment Against Mr Panayote Dimitras

Greek Expansionism, by Vinozhito

Exiles Bring Greek Guilt Home, by Matthew Brunwasser

Inside, Outside - Diasporas and Modern States, by Sam Vaknin

How Diasporas Can Help The Motherland, by Sam Vaknin