Detailed Topographical Maps of Macedonia and Surrounds

Below are very detailed topographical maps of Macedonia and the surrounding regions.

The first six maps, under Detailed Maps of Macedonia and Surrounding Regions, were published by the Vojnografski Institut (War Geographical Institute) between 1960 and 1966.

The maps are part of a larger series of maps that covers the southern Balkans, however the other maps are not available and only these six maps are able to be republished here. Please notify Pollitecon Publications if you have any further maps in this series.

The detail allows viewers to zoom in to village level without noticeable loss of quality.

The maps of northern Greece are also notable as they give towns and villages their original Macedonian names as well as the new Greek names imposed in the early 20th century when these lands came under Greek occupation.

The second set of 14 maps, under Links To Other Detailed Maps of Macedonia, was published by the Austro-Hungarian military between 1898 and 1904. The first link is to the main map of central Europe and the others are links to the specific and detailed maps of Macedonia and surrounds.

Detailed Maps of Macedonia and Surrounding Regions

Skopje Region

Bitola Region

Voden Region

Solun Region

Prizren Region

Elbasan Region

The Macedonian Campaign 1916, by The Admiralty Staff (PDF)

The Macedonian Campaign 1916, by The Admiralty Staff (jpeg)

Links To Other Detailed Maps of Macedonia

3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary

Main Map of Central Europe

Debar region

Ohrid region

Gjirokaster region

Skopje region

Bitola region

Kostur region

Kriva Palanka region

Voden region

Katerini region

Berovo region

Salonika region

Chalkidike region

Kavala region

Athos region

Historical Map

Claudius Ptolemaeus, Cosmographia, Jacobus Angelus interpres, Nicolaus Germanus cartographus. by Claudius Ptolemaeus. Auteur du texte - 1490 - France - No Copyright - Other Known Legal Restrictions.