Articles and Speeches

Below are a selection of articles, speeches and interviews on Macedonian themes by the founder and publisher of Pollitecon Publications, Victor Bivell.


Another Way to Reunite Village Families

Neret Families

The Greek Language of Cultural Genocide

A Little Sad for the Old Country

Macedonia Needs Macedonians

An Alternative Future for Macedonia

Why Greece Can't Be Trusted in the Name Negotiations

Open Letter to the United Nations and Matthew Nimetz

The Numbers Game for Macedonians

On the Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighbourliness and Cooperation Between Macedonia and Bulgaria

Interview - Victor Bivell, Macedonian Australian Publisher and Activist

DNA Testing Annihilates Greek Propaganda

How ANZAC Day Unites Australia and Macedonia

Thoughts on Macedonia's Phone Tapping Scandal

My Adventures in Darkest Europe

Community Leader Stands for Parliament

Greek Crisis Shows Weak International Ethics

Interview With Tanas Mechkarov

370 Macedonians Who Died For Freedom

What Now After The Veto?

The Treaties That Divided Macedonia Now Online

First Macedonian Newspaper in Australia Reprinted Online

Makedonska Iskra Project Well Advanced

Makedonska Iskra Project Now Complete

A Life in Macedonian Affairs Interview with Mick Veloskey

Stabilizing Relations Between Ethnic Macedonians and Ethnic Albanians in Macedonia

Time to Reclaim Macedonia

Restoring Peace and Prosperity to Macedonia -- The Rule of Numbers

A Political Strategy for the Macedonian Diaspora



Language and the Denial of Macedonian Ethnic Identity

Have You Seen 'The Last Macedonian'?

A Better Brand of Balkan Nationalism

An Enjoyable Book of Poems

Challenging Greek History-By-Slogans

Progressive Leadership Is The Balkan Antidote

Why Macedonian Books Are Important

A Macedonian History Of Macedonia

Speech for Book Launch of A Girl From Neret

Greekistic Western Authors and Macedonian History

The Ancient and Modern Macedonians are Related, says Author

Speech for Book Launch of From War to Whittlesea

Issues Affecting Macedonians from Greece

The Politicization of Ethnic Affairs

Macedonians and the Political Mainstream

Australia is not Greece


Interviews and Commentaries

The Macedonian Cultural Genocide - UMD Virtual Hour With Victor Bivell (Video)

On New Free Ebooks - Interview with Margarita Vasileva on SBS Radio

On Publishing Macedonian Books - Interview with Silvana Pavlovska (Video)

New Free Macedonian Ebooks - Interview with Kocho Filin on the Macedonian Lerin Show

DNA Testing and Who You Are (Video)

The High Price of Chasing EU Membership (Video)

Where to for Macedonia? - Interview with Zhivan Rendevski (Video)

How Many Votes Are Needed For Macedonia To Win? (Video)

Interview with Kocho Filin on the Macedonian Lerin Show

Two Questions to Dr Kostis Karpozilos

On the Agreement on Good Neighbourliness between Macedonia and Bulgaria

On New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

On New Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull - Macedonian version

On the Leadership of Prime Minister Tony Abbott

On the Leadership of Prime Minister Tony Abbott - Macedonian version

On Reprint of The Rising Sun in the Balkans and the Publishing of Lerin in Mourning

On Reprint of The Rising Sun in the Balkans and the Publishing of Lerin in Mourning - Macedonian version

On Ending the Name Negotiations

On Ending the Name Negotiations - Macedonian version

On What Now After The Veto?

Australian Macedonians Push for Human Rights in Greece


Brief Comments

Another Reason Why Macedonia Needs Macedonians

NATO Assisting Terrorists in Macedonia

The West is Full of Nerve and Gas

The People Have Spoken

Ancient Greece According to Encyclopaedia Britannica

Shameless People

Recent Photos of Neret/ Polipotamos

First Airbnb Home in Neret/ Polipotamos

Macedonia but No Greece in Ancient Rome