Russia's Invasion of Ukraine and the Danger of Regime Changes

By Victor Bivell

Russia's invasion of Ukraine shows the danger of regime changes. In 2014 the West organized the Color Revolution in Ukraine that replaced a pro-Russian government with a pro-Western government. But the West was not prepared to go all the way and back Ukraine into NATO or at least satisfy the Russian separatists. Putin has shown he is prepared to go a lot further than the West. The regime change now has unintended and tragic consequences. Soon after the Ukrainian Color Revolution the West began the Color Revolution in Macedonia that also brought down a democratically elected government. Macedonians feared about intended and unintended consequences and still oppose the name change it lead to and now the Bulgarian blackmail. Perhaps the most outstanding example of Western incompetence viz a viz regime change was the replacement of the democratically elected government in Persia with the Shah that led to the rise of the Ayatollas and Iran. Beware Western interference against democratically elected governments. It has a very poor record. I think Putin was wrong to invade Ukraine. All people deserve self-determination including the Ukrainians. What we need are fewer 'big powers' such as the West, Russia and China.

26 Feb 2022