The West is Full of Nerve and Gas

By Victor Bivell

I feel sorry for the victims of the nerve gas attack in England. But the expulsion of Russian diplomats by Western countries, NATO secretary general Stoltenberg saying that the nerve gas attack in England is a "reckless breach of international norms", and Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull saying that the attack was “a disgraceful assault... on the rule of law” are more examples of Western double standards.

NATO and friends only care about international law when it suits them. In 2011 when the World Court ruled that Greece has broken the United Nations brokered Interim Accord by vetoing Macedonia’s entry into NATO, the Western countries, Australia and NATO did nothing. No mass expulsion of Greek diplomats. No public condemnation. Nothing about “disgraceful assaults on the rule of law”. Nothing.

Nor did Greece and NATO uphold the World Court judgement. They ignored it and Macedonia is still not a member of NATO.

Selective outrage is the hallmark of Western hypocrisy. The West’s reactions are a combination of nerve and gas.


28 March 2018