A Better Brand of Balkan Nationalism

By Victor Bivell

This speech was delivered at "For A United Macedonia - A Cultural Celebration - Sydney" on 23 April, 2017.

To everyone here today, thank you for coming to support Macedonia. Let me be clear. We, the Macedonians of Sydney, support the Macedonian people in our homeland. We support President Ivanov. We support our fellow Macedonians around the world. And we support new elections in Macedonia.

We condemn the Tirana Platform. We condemn the leaders of SDSM. We condemn the leaders of the Albanian political parities in Macedonia. And we condemn the leaders of the EU.

To the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Macedonia. We are with you. We see and admire your love of Macedonia. We share your concerns for Macedonia. We agree with your desire for a better Macedonia, one that treats all minorities equally. And we support your desire that Macedonia remains a homeland for Macedonians.

We admire the way you have demonstrated every day for 55 days and nights so far. We admire that you come from over 40 cities and towns in Macedonia. We admire the way you have stood up to the leadership of SDSM, to the leadership of the Albanian parties, and to the leadership of the EU. You have stood up for Macedonia, and stood up against those who want to take away the only Macedonian homeland we have. More strength to your courage.

We support President Ivanov. We support how you have stood up for the people, for the Constitution, for fairness, and for real democracy. We applaud the way you have stood up against the Tirana Platform, and against international pressure. President Ivanov - the people are with you. Nie sme so Vas.

We send our thanks to all the Macedonians around the world who have marched for Macedonia. In Europe, in North America, all around Australia. Thank you for being there, and for being strong. Today, the Macedonians of Sydney are proud to join you.

There is one best way to end the political crisis in Macedonia. We support new elections. Let the people decide. And let them decide now.

Like Macedonians around the world, we condemn the Tirana Platform. It is a document based on nationalism. On unnecessary nationalism. It is not fair to all the people of Macedonia, and it is not fair to the indigenous Macedonians.

We condemn the leadership of SDSM. We say withdraw from the Tirana Platform, or take it to an election. The people did not vote on the Platform at the last elections. It is a post election platform. To bring in radical new policies after the election is not right. It is dishonest. It is fraud. And the Macedonian people know it. They know it will rob them of their homeland, and of their heritage. If you are honest leaders, you will take the Platform to an immediate election. If you do not support a new election, you are political cowards. And you are not worthy to lead Macedonia.

We condemn the leaders of the Albanian political parties. We condemn you for your brand of nationalism. There are over 50 minorities in the Balkans. None of these has more recognition, and more privileges, than the Albanian minority in Macedonia. Some minorities in the Balkans have none of the recognition you have, and only a small fraction of the privileges you have, but you want more. The Tirana Platform makes you look ungrateful, it makes you look greedy, it reveals your brand of nationalism. And your brand of nationalism belongs in the 19th century; it is old fashioned, it is boring, and it is dangerous.

There is a better way. If you want more rights, if you want to win more respect, if you want to look generous instead of greedy - help to raise up the other minorities in the Balkans to your level. Help to raise up the Macedonians in Albania, help to raise up the Greeks in Albania, help to raise up the Serbs in Albania, help to raise up the Vlachs, the Roma, the Montenegrins, the Bosniaks and the Egyptians in Albania.

Help to raise up the minorities in Kosovo. Help to raise up the Macedonians in Kosovo, the Serbs in Kosovo, the Bosniaks, the Roma, the Turks, the Croats, and the Egyptians.

Help to raise up the minorities in Greece. The Macedonians in Greece. The Turks in Greece. The Albanians in Greece. The Roma, the Vlachs, the Pomaks.

Help to raise the minorities in Serbia, in Bulgaria, in Bosnia, in Montenegro, in Croatia and throughout the Balkans. The Balkans does not need more nationalism. It does not need your brand of nationalism. It needs more respect and more human rights. For all the minorities. To the Albanians and the Albanian leadership in Macedonia - show real leadership, do something different, do something exciting, do something inspiring and help to raise all the minorities in the Balkans to your level. Do that and you will not need to ask for more. The people will give you more.

Finally, we condemn the leadership of the EU. Good leaders support human rights everywhere. But the EU leaders support hypocrisy. We condemn those EU leaders who contribute to cultural genocide by calling Macedonia "this country" and calling Macedonians "citizens of this country". We condemn those EU leaders who do not acknowledge the Macedonians in Greece, the Macedonians in Bulgaria, the Macedonians in Albania. Until you change all that, do not lecture us about human rights.

Why has the EU failed to denounce the post election Tirana Platform? Why has it failed to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of unhappy Macedonians who demonstrate in the streets each night and who are the real owners of Macedonia? How can 500 million Europeans fail to come up with even a small number of good leaders? Until you change all that, do not lecture Macedonia and Macedonians about democracy. Forcing the Tirana Platform down the throats of unwilling people is not democracy. Democracy is an election so the people of Macedonia can vote on the Tirana Platform, so the people can vote on the future of their own country.

To finish. Everyone, please do not forget - Makedonija ima potreba za Makedonsi, Macedonia needs Macedonians. As much as you can, go for a holiday, go to live, support the Macedonian economy. Thank you for coming here today to support our Macedonian homeland.

Copyright: April 2017

Source: www.pollitecon.com