The Numbers Game for Macedonians

By Victor Bivell

It is said that politics is about numbers - the numbers on the map show why Macedonia is bullied by Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Serbia. There are far more Macedonians outside of Macedonia than inside. So much so that there are only 1.3 million ethnic Macedonians in Macedonia. Compare that with 4.5 million Albanians in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia; 5.5 million Bulgarians in Bulgaria; 5.9 million Serbs in Serbia, and 10 million Greeks in Greece, (although that official number is widely understood to be over-estimated as Greece does not collect data on its ethnic minorities).

1.3 million are not a lot of Macedonians looking after the homeland.

The percentage of ethnic Macedonians living in Macedonia, at 64 per cent, is also far less than for the majority populations in the neighbouring countries. Bulgarians are 77 per cent of Bulgaria's official population, Albanians and Serbs are 83 per cent of Albania and Serbia respectively, and Albanians and Greeks are 93 per cent of Kosovo and Greece respectively.

Macedonia is bullied because it is the smallest kid on the block.

There is a reason why the saying "There is strength in numbers" is an old one. Because it's true. Macedonians have the numbers, but they are spread out around the world. This is why I started the Macedonia Needs Macedonians campaign. We need to reverse the centuries old trend of Macedonians leaving Macedonia. Macedonia needs the net trend to be Macedonians moving to Macedonia. If we can achieve this, over time Macedonia will become stronger and better able to look after itself. As the country gets stronger, the bullying will slow down and one day stop. Macedonia will stay Macedonia, and Macedonians will have the free and secure homeland they have always wanted.

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