How Many Votes Are Needed For Macedonia To Win?

By Victor Bivell

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With Macedonia's elections now imminent, two key numbers to watch for are 61 and 80. The anti-SDSM, anti-Zaev, anti-Prespa Agreement, and anti-Albanian terrorist party forces need at least 61 seats to form a majority and govern without needing Albanian party coalitionists.

80 is a key number because 80 seats are needed to start the process of returning Macedonia's name.

In the 2016 elections, neither VMRO nor SDSM gained 61 seats so the Albanian parties, under Western direction, were able to choose the winner. They chose against the will of the Macedonian people, who had given VMRO the greater number of seats. This time, do not let the Albanian terrorist parties and the EU and US manipulators choose the government.

Please give the pro-Macedonian parties at least 61 seats.

80 seats are needed to start the process of changing the Constitution and returning Macedonia's name. I understand there are alternative analyses where this can be done with a simple majority of votes, and if that is the case I support that process and hope it happens.

Meanwhile, winning 80 seats is also possible. In the 2016 election, the combined seats of VMRO and SDSM were 100. So it is possible for the pro-Macedonian parties to reach 80 seats.

I am not going to tell the Macedonian people who to vote for, but I do ask you to remember that the referendum to change Macedonia's name failed. The people did not vote for the change. The fact that Macedonia's name was changed against the will of the people was undemocratic. So were the means to reach those 80 votes.

This election is a chance to return democracy to Macedonia. This election is a chance for the will of the Macedonian people to re-assert itself. This election is a chance to end corruption and restore the rule of law to Macedonia, to restore dignity and hope to Macedonians everywhere. Please take this chance and vote for a democratic and better Macedonia.


11 July 2020