Recent Photos of Neret/ Polipotamos

By Victor Bivell

Here are some recent photos of Neret that show how beautiful and interesting the village is. It is 16 kilometres by road from Lerin/ Florina, and is on a river between two high mountains with spectacular views in every direction. The houses are a mixture of very old and deserted and newly renovated as people return to the village and do them up. The main problem in the village is unemployment and under-employment. No doubt other villages are the same. This is all the more reason why people should take an interest in their ancestral villages, go for a holiday and spend some money there, and think about how they can help their village to survive and prosper. What the photos don't show are the many great characters in the village - good-hearted people who welcome back family and friends who left a long time ago with a hug, feast-like lunches and dinners, and many good laughs. I'm proud that my family comes from such a beautiful village with so many good people.

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