The Rising Sun In The Balkans: The Republic Of Macedonia

by International Affairs Agency

When the Republic of Macedonia voted for independence in 1991 its international recognition was temporarily delayed by objections from Greece regarding the use of the name Macedonia, the use of the Macedonian Sun symbol, and Macedonia's Constitutional concerns for the Macedonian minority in northern Greece. This book presents the arguments of both countries and an objective, third party analysis.

The Rising Sun In The Balkans: The Republic Of Macedonia

Among other points, the book examines the Greek claim to exclusive copyright, the historical arguments, the division of Macedonia in 1913 which laid the foundation for the recent problems, and the denial of basic human rights to the Macedonian minority in Greece.

The positions of the neighbouring countries, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania, are also outlined.

In examining the Greek-Serbian alliance on the issue, the book places in context the events leading up to the deployment of United Nations and United States peacekeeping troops in Macedonia to prevent the spread of hostilities from former Yugoslavia and possible territorial aggression.

The book also contains essential facts about Macedonia regarding population, religion, language and the political and economic situation.

The book is written by the International Affairs Agency, a Turkish based research centre specializing in Balkan Affairs.

It was published by Pollitecon  in 1995 and having sold out was reprinted in 2014.

The book is A$15. The prices below include postage in Australia and overseas airmail.

Paperback, 84 pages, A5 size, Four colour celloglazed cover, Published by Pollitecon Publications, 1995, Reprinted 2014, ISBN 978-0-646-20927-2

The Rising Sun in the Balkans

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