The Big Water

by Zhivko Chingo, translated by Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart

The Big Water is the first English language translation of the prize winning Macedonian novel, Golemata Voda, by author Zhivko Chingo.

The Big Water

Set in Macedonia immediately after World War 2, it tells the story of a group of children orphaned by the war and their life in an orphanage. Full of characters and incidents, the book presents a child's view of life that is both humorous and bleak and, by its end, very moving.

At a metaphoric level, the novel presents a strong critique of the authoritarianism of both institutional life and the Communist system, and their inability to reconcile with the needs and nature of the individual.

At the human level, The Big Water is a very positive and moving story of the emotional development of children, and of the fundamental and irreplaceable role of the mother. Readers will remember this story and its climax long after they have finished the book.

The translator, Sydney lawyer Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart, has previously translated another prize winning Macedonian novel, Black Seed (Crno Seme) by Tashko Georgievski. Both translations are notable for being true to the authors' direct, poetic and very readable narratives.

The Big Water is the seventh book published by Pollitecon Publications.

The book is A$15. The prices below include postage in Australia and overseas airmail.

The Big Water, Paperback, 120 pages, Four colour celloglazed cover, ISBN 978-0-9586789-6-4

The Big Water

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