Macedonian Agenda

Editor, Victor Bivell

Macedonian Agenda is a leading information and reference book about the Macedonian community in Australia with 16 essays and articles by 14 authors.

Macedonian Agenda

The book explores a number of themes including immigration and settlement patterns, language development, Macedonian identity, women's issues, the child refugees, and a range of political issues.

The essay titles and authors are:

* Macedonian Values in Multicultural Australia, Zoran Coseski

* Some Observations on the Speech of Bilingual Macedonian-Australians, Betty K Stewart

* The Australian-Macedonian Drama Group, Stefo Stojanovski

* The Macedonian Orthodox Church: Its Role in the Moulding and Maintenance of Ethnic Identity in Australia, Dr Christopher Popov and Michael Radin

* Barriers to Social Change for Macedonian Women, Malina Stankovska

* A Study of Women Activists in the Macedonian Community, Malina Stankovska

* The Macedonian Elderly: A Needs Study of the Macedonian Elderly in the Western Region of Melbourne, Macedonian Community Welfare Association of the Western Region Inc

* Features of Settlement in Australia by Macedonians from the Aegean Region, Michael Radin

* Proud of the Macedonian Heritage, Faye Kolev

* Assimilation and the Public and Private Identity of Macedonians: A Dialectical Expose, Pandora Petrovska

* Declaration of the "Child Refugees", The Association of Refugee Children from the Aegean Part of Macedonia

* Submission on the 28,000 Ethnic Macedonian "Child Refugees", Aegean Macedonian Association of Australia

* A Political Strategy for the Macedonian Diaspora, Victor Bivell

* The Political Future of the Macedonians in Australia, Zoran Coseski

* Australian Law, International Treaties and the Government's "Slav" Prefix, Risto Balalovski

* Why Australia?, Bob Spasenovski

"Useful contribution to dialogue on a sensitive issue" The Australian newspaper. "A tribute to multiculturalism" The Geelong Advertiser.

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Macedonian Agenda, Paperback, 232 pages, 230 x 154mm, Celloglazed cover, Published by Pollitecon Publications, 1995, ISBN 978-0-646-22162-5

Macedonian Agenda

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