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Macedonian Communities

Two new reports have been added to Pollitecon's Macedonian Communities page:

518 Macedonians Who Migrated to Akron, Ohio in the Early 1900s
A list of 518 Macedonians who migrated to the Akron area of Ohio, USA in the early 20th Century has been compiled by Basil Stephanoff. Most arrived between 1907 to 1935, with some earlier and later. The people came from at least 86 villages and towns from all parts of Macedonia. The writer compiled the list using the records from the county. Where the information is available, the data for each immigrant includes name, home village or town in Macedonia, date of arrival and ship of arrival. The list, titled Macedonians Who Arrived in the Akron Area of Ohio in the Early 1900s, is here. The information is also available by village and town of origin here.

393 Neretsi Families
393 families who were living in the village of Neret in the period up to around 1950 are listed in the report: Selo Neret - Prvite Kuki, Vodenitsi, Valitsi, Mali i Tsrkvi Vo Tursko Do 1950 Godina by Petre Ristuchin, aka Ristevski. In English - The Village Neret: The First Families, the Water Mills, Suburbs and Churches from the Turkish Period to 1950. As well as the families, the report has 15 vodenitsi, three valitsi, 10 mali and four tsrkvi. The report is here.

Free Ebooks

Two new books have been added to the Free Ebooks section:

Free Milcho Manchevski Book
A big 650 page book on and by Macedonian film director Milcho Manchevski is available for free in PDF format. The book, titled Manchevski, has hundreds of photos including archival documents published for the first time such as storyboard drawings, sketches, letters, messages, notes, contracts, and newspaper clippings. There are also essays by various writers. The material covers Manchevski's films including Before the Rain, Dust, Shadows, and Mothers. It also has essays and stories written by Manchevski. The book was edited by Marina Kostova and published by published by Bitsia and Ars Lamina in Skopje. The free PDF is here (the file is 39 MBs).

A hard copy of the book can be bought from Virginia Evans in Canada. Virginia is the organizer of the Macedonian Film Festival in Toronto where Manchevski was guest of honor this year and she also runs the Canadian Macedonian Books and Reviews website that sells many Macedonian books in English. The Manchevski book is C$50 plus shipping. To order the book or inquire about international postage, email Virginia here.

Macedonians and the Greek Civil War
A new free ebook is Macedonians and the Greek Civil War by Naum Peiov and translated by Risto Stefov. Naum Peiov was born in 1919 in the village Gabresh, Kostursko and fought against the German, Italian and Bulgarian armies in Greece and had an opportunity to direct and monitor events in the Greek Civil War. The material for the book was written between 1953 and 1955. The book gives an insight into what happened during the Civil War and the role the Macedonian people. The book has English and Macedonian versions.


The Rise of Malcolm Turnbull
SBS Radio interviewed Pollitecon publisher Victor Bivell on the rise of Malcolm Turnbull to prime minister and what his ascension could mean for Australia and the Macedonian community. The interview also looks at questions around how Mr Turnbull achieved power and whether he can placate the conservatives within his party. The English version of the interview is here, the Macedonian version here.

Other interviews, speeches and articles by Victor Bivell are here.

Books by Other Publishers

Croatian-Macedonian dictionary
A comprehensive Croatian-Macedonian Dictionary has been published by the House of Macedonians in Croatia. The 1,246 page dictionary has 30,447 words, and is for the Macedonian minority in Croatia as well as for students, Macedonians, Croatians and the general reader. The ambitious work was authored by Diana Vlatkovikj and Boryana Proshev-Oliver, and has the support of the presidents and state institutions of both countries. The book can be ordered online here or by emailing the chairman of the House of Macedonians in Croatia, Anastas Sasha Odzaklieski here.


Flashes of Eternity
Odblesotsi od Vechnosta or Flashes of Eternity is the new second novel by Melbourne based Nove Mladenovski, author of the science fiction novel Izmeshani Svetovi or Mixed Worlds. Izmeshani Svetovi has been described as "an ultra-futuristic novel of a kind still new to Macedonian literature", and the new book is a sequel to its story about the Empire of Ma. The book reviewer, Vasil Totsinovski, says Mladenovski is "deeply concerned for the future of Macedonia" and "Macedonian national characteristics are readily recognisable, such as tolerance, perseverance, kind-heartedness, simplicity and naivety, which have often been abused, as well as good will, sociability, loyalty and humanity." There is an SBS Radio interview with Nove about the book here. Flashes of Eternity is in Macedonian and is published by Makedonika Litera in Skopje. The book can be ordered from the publisher here, or from the author here for A$20 plus postage.

Macedonian Newspaper in Prespa
The newspaper "Prespa", voice of the Union of Macedonians in Albania, has resumed publication. The editor, Eftim Mitrevski, said the new edition of the newspaper was distributed throughout Albania where Macedonians live. Publication was made possible through funding from the Macedonian Human Rights Movement International and the Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee. The organizations said they will ensure that Prespa not only survives but thrives and can continue to reach Macedonians struggling to achieve human rights in Albania. Mr Mitrevski said he hopes the example of MHRMI and AMHRC will be followed by other Macedonian organizations around the world. Donations can be made through the MHRMI Human Rights Fund or the AMHRC Macedonian Minorities Support Fund.

Human Rights in Bulgaria
The Annual Report on the Human Rights Situation of the Macedonians in Bulgaria covers events in 2014. The report says the fundamental problems of the Macedonian minority remained the same as in previous years, including the refusal by the government to acknowledge the existence of a Macedonian minority, failure to grant to Macedonians the rights specified in the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, the refusal by authorities to enter into dialogue with the Macedonian minority, refusal to register Macedonian organizations, and hate speech against Macedonians. The report is by OMO Ilinden PIRIN, Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee, and the Macedonian Human Rights Movement International. The report is here.

Migrant Short Stories
Nokautiraniot Iselenik or The Knockout Expatriate is a new collection of short stories by Sydney based doctor, Vasko Gorgievski. The stories are about the situations and problems that face an expatriate who moves to Australia for a better life. These include personal psychological and emotional responses as well as the problems of being a member of the local Macedonian community. Mr Gorgievski said he hopes the short stories will contribute to a better understanding of Macedonian migrants. Further information from the author here.


Buying Macedonian
A reminder that you can buy books including Macedonian books on amazon.com and at the same time help the United Macedonian Diaspora by shopping at the smile.amazon.com website. Amazon donates 0.5 per cent of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice, in this case UMD. AmazonSmile has the same products, prices, and service as amazon.com, including the same huge selection of quality Macedonian books.

Great Video Clips

Four great youtube documentaries have been added to our Links page:

The Greek Colonization of Aegean Macedonia
The Greek Colonization of Aegean Macedonia is a brilliant and gripping documentary now on youtube. The documentary sets out the colonization step by step and is loaded with great archival footage and interviews with top historians. It starts with and stars historian Stojan Kiselinovski, who comes across as a very intelligent man. There is also great historical footage. It is great to see Macedonia produce such a professional film. The documentary is here.

Testimonials from Aegean Macedonia
A great new video on youtube is titled Svedotsi (Aegean Macedonia). Svedotsi means Witnesses. The documentary is a series of interviews of Macedonians who were born in Greek Macedonia and now live in Canada. The Macedonians recount stories of their villages, their families, how they came to leave their homeland, and their strong Macedonian identity. Witnesses will be followed by other testimonies including from other countries such as Australia. The video is here.

A Name is a Name on Youtube
The well-known documentary A Name is a Name is now on youtube. The documentary won world wide support from Macedonians for championing Macedonia's right to name itself and for highlighting the importance of the name Macedonia to Macedonians. Producer Jason Miko said "As we move into 2016, ready to celebrate Macedonia's 25th anniversary as an independent nation, the With Macedonia Foundation will be periodically sending out photos (screen grabs) from our 2009 documentary film, A Name is a Name. We hope these inspire and encourage you and hope you will share them with others, use them on social media, and remember that Macedonia's freedom is never guaranteed – it must be fought for continually and passed on from generation to generation." A Name is a Name is here.

Trailer for What Europe has Forgotten Begalets
A trailer on what looks to be an excellent documentary about Mito Aleksovski and the child refugees has been produced by Mito's son, Petro. The images of the village and the comments by the rodnini and seljani are gold. Mito is the author of the first book published by Pollitecon - What Europe Has Forgotten: The Struggle of the Aegean Macedonians, back in 1992. Info on his book is here. The trailer is here.

Discount for Complete Set of Books
A reminder that a complete set of 12 Macedonian books published by Pollitecon can be purchased at a discount of free postage in Australia and reduced airmail postage overseas. See Here.

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