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Pollitecon Website Redesigned
After many years, the Pollitecon Publications web site has been redesigned. The look has been changed and there are buttons for each section so getting around should be easier. There is also room for a few ads. If you get a moment, see the new design and let me know what you think. Email me here if you would like to enquire about advertising.

Life in Aegean Macedonia
Four articles have been added to the online book, Life in Aegean Macedonia.

The Violence of Racism and the Implications for Minority Women is an early article by Malina Stankovska and Pandora Petrovska. It examines race-based institutional and physical violence against the Macedonians in Australia, and identifies sources of oppression endured by minority women such as those of Macedonian background.

Language Maintenance and Macedonian Adolescents is an early article by Chris Najdovksi. The research project looked at 40 students in Melbourne, their attitudes to the Macedonian language and its maintenance, and whether the Macedonian second generation wants to preserve their culture and traditions through the use of the Macedonian language.

Creolisation of the Macedonian Speech of Macedonian Immigrants in Canada, Especially of those from Aegean Macedonia is a new article by Macedonian author, Slave Nikolovski-Katin. The article looks at the development of the language that Macedonian immigrants use in Canada, especially in Toronto, and the creolisation of Macedonian speech. This look at the characteristics of the "separate language" used by Macedonian immigrants is insightful and entertaining.

The Village of Bouf by Anastas Dimitroff is about the history of the village and life there under the Ottomans. The article was originally published by the Bouf Mutual Benefit Association in their 25th anniversary booklet in 1949. The author was born in 1880 and died in 1970. He first came to the US in 1904 where he ran a bakery and was later ordained a deacon in the Orthodox church.

The Big Water
Pollitecon's book The Big Water made it on to the European Society of Authors' Finnegan's List for 2015. This is an annual selection of under-translated or forgotten works recommended by 10 prominent writers from around the world. Zhivko Chingo's Golemata Voda was published in Skopje by Makedonska Kniga in 1971 and translated into English by Elizabeth Stewart and published by Pollitecon in 2004. The name of Finnegan's List was inspired by James Joyce's novel Finnegans Wake. The nominator of Golemata Voda for Finnegan's List was Nikola Madzirov, a Macedonian poet, editor, essayist, translator and winner of the Miladinov Brothers award and the Hubert Burda Prize for Literature. There is more information about The Big Water here.

Free Ebooks
Several new books have been added to the Free Ebooks section:

Secret Combined Monthly Intelligence Review GREECE - June 1946 by the GSI (General Staff Intelligence) is an intelligence report on the political situation at the time in Greece including northern Greece. There are developments in the Greek Civil War and Macedonian elements such as "NOF Espionage activities in Greece", Armed bands in Macedonia, "Autonomous Activities", "Left- wing banditry", and "Right-wing Activities" among many others. Many individuals are also mentioned, some from the Florina region.

Ideological Activism – Macedonians Under Greece by Stoian Kochov takes a critical look at the disaster of the Greek Civil War for Macedonians and the political manipulation of the Macedonian people in Greek occupied Macedonia by the Communist International and the Communist Parties of Greece, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia during the war years of 1940 to 1950. The book is translated from Macedonian to English and edited by Risto Stefov. There is also a Macedonian version.

A Century of Silence by Stoian Kochov has been updated with a second edition that contains more current information. The book looks at the Macedonian left and right during the Greek Civil War and discusses the Kostur freedom fighters, a "compact group organized in 64 Kostur Region villages with more than 9,800 armed Macedonian revolutionaries who stood up bravely and with dignity against Hellenism and were unwilling to accept Hellenization and give up their Macedonian national identity". The book is translated from Macedonian to English and edited by Risto Stefov. There is also a Macedonian version.

A Book about Risto Mavrovski is "a story told about a person from Zhelevo". It is written by and has comments by his son Spiro Mavrovski. The book has information on the Mavrovski family extending back many generations and much information on the village Zhelevo. The book is translated from Macedonian to English and edited by Risto Stefov. There is also a Macedonian version.

Testimonials 2001 by Pande Petrovski looks at the military crisis in Macedonia in 2001 that was brought on by the terrorist activities of the Macedonian-Albanians from the NLA. The author was a General in the Macedonian army. In 2001 he was promoted to the rank of
Chief of Staff of General Headquarters and was Commander of military operations. The book was translated from Macedonian to English and edited by Risto Stefov. There is also a Macedonian version.

Declassified Documents Compiled by Risto Stefov is a collection of direct quotes on the subject of Macedonia from the declassified information of governments, statesmen, diplomats and agents of various Foreign Offices during the 1940s. The author says the information helps to answer questions such as: How much did the governments know about the Macedonian Question? What did Macedonia's enemies say about Macedonia and the Macedonian people? And How did the Great Powers influence events that were aimed against the Macedonians?

Detailed Maps of Macedonia
The Detailed Maps of Macedonia section has a new map titled The Macedonian Campaign 1916, by the Admiralty War Staff who were part of the British Navy. The map covers the western and central regions of Aegean Macedonia and has the Macedonian names of the villages. See here.

Macedonian Communities
The Macedonian Communities Around the World section has a list of 20 Macedonians from Neret who settled in Akron and Barberton in Ohio, USA. See here.

The Essays section has four early speeches by Victor Bivell on the 1994 attempted renaming of the Macedonians in Australia and on the issues affecting Macedonians from Greece. The first speech, titled Australia is not Greece, was delivered at the Macedonian demonstration outside Parliament House in Canberra. The second speech, Macedonians and the Political Mainstream, was given at the public meeting on Human Rights for Macedonian Australians held in Wollongong. The third speech, The Politicization of Ethnic Affairs, was given at the Macedonian demonstration in Sydney. The fourth, titled Issues Affecting Macedonians from Greece, was delivered at the Macedonian Conference on Women, Aged and Youth held in Sydney and discusses problems that affect Macedonians in Australia and in particular those Macedonians who come from Greece.

New Books by Other Publishers

On Macedonian Matters edited by Professor Victor Friedman (University of Chicago) and Dr Jim Hlavac (Monash University) contains 15 chapters on texts the international scholarly conference organized by the Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee (AMHRC) at Monash University in 2013. Subtitled: From the Partition and Annexation of Macedonia in 1913 to the Present, the focus is on modern Macedonian history with a common theme being concern about the subjection of the Republic of Macedonia to "blockade politics" and an "absence of respect and recognition for Macedonian language, nationality and ethnicity". The book is published by the academic publishing house Verlag Otto Sagner and is available from the AMHRC here.

The Last Summer in the Old Bazaar by Vera Bu arovska and translated by Paul Filev. This is a powerful autobiographical story of the author's childhood and her hometown Bitola, Macedonia, under German and later Bulgarian occupation, during the Second World War. The story is about the friendship between the 11 year old Macedonian girl who narrates the story and two 12 year old boys with whom she works at Gazda Mito's small restaurant in the Old Bazaar: Sami an Albanian, and Leon a Jew. Paul Filev is a Melbourne translator, editor and blogger. The book launch will be held at Reader's Feast Bookstore, 162 Collins Street, Melbourne on Saturday, 5 September at 3pm. The book is published by Saguaro Books. See here.

Tvoreshki Opus i Patriotski Knigi na Makedonksi Avtori od Iselenishtvoto by Janko Tomov is about The Creative Opus and Patriot Books by Macedonian Authors from the Migrant Community. Written in both Macedonian with some English, this book discusses the author's many books and the stories around them. There is also a section on other authors and their books including Risto Stefov, Victor Bivell, Mile Ilievski, Vasil Bogov, Ivan Trposki, Gordana Dimovska, Ireneuzs Adam Slupkov, Dragan Bogdanovski, Dimitris Litoksou, Goce Durtanoski, Dr Krume D. Starkovski, Andrea Branov, and Doncho Nacionale. To purchase a copy, email the author here.

Prviot KongresPrviot svetski kongres za Makedonski chovekovi prava vo Adelaid 1990 godina by Janko Tomov. Written in Macedonian, this book is about The First World Congress for Macedonian Human Rights held in Adelaide in 1990. It also contains numerous photographs and reproductions of resolutions, newspaper articles, constitutions, manifestos and other historical documents about Macedonian human rights. To purchase a copy, email the author here.


Mojot Pridones Za Makedonia by Janko Tomov discusses the author's Macedonian activism, political events and the Macedonian political organizations DOOM, VMRO-DPMNE and AMKCHP in the diaspora from 1970 to 2014. The book is mostly in Macedonian with some English. To purchase a copy, email the author here.




LOMA Weekly Herald is a new weekly newsletter about the activities of the League of Macedonian Americans in advancing the Macedonian cause. The Herald is a source for educational, cultural, and historical information on Macedonia. The League promotes Macedonian culture, protects the Macedonian identity, and helps to bring Macedonian-Americans closer to each other and their homeland. The newspaper, free and in PDF format, is here.

The Macedonian Communities Around the World section has a link under the village German to the book titled History and Religion of Macedonia: Gateway to Europe, by Stan (Stojan) Malian. The book is about the village of German where many groups have invaded and claimed the area as their own. The village has links to early Christianity. The book also reports about family affairs and traditions in the people's every day lives. See here.

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) has a UMD Amazon Bookstore where it suggests about 100 books on Macedonian themes that are available through Amazon.com. Most are in English and from top level authors on a wide variety of subjects. Shopping there also helps the UMD. See here.

The "Music of Macedonia, Playing 'Til Your Soul Comes Out" is a new CD of field recordings of Macedonian music collected by music and dance ethnographer Martin Koenig in 1968 and 1973. These are only known recordings of these traditional musicians. There are three styles of Macedonian traditional music: Christian female village singing, Romani (Gypsy) zurli-tapan ensembles, and the Ottoman Turkish urban ensemble called calgija. The CD is produced by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and Balkan Echoes with assistance from the United Macedonian Diaspora, the International Music and Art Foundation, and other donators. The CD will be released on 28 August. See here.

Discount for Complete Set of Books
A reminder that a complete set of 12 Macedonian books published by Pollitecon can be purchased at a discount of free postage in Australia and reduced airmail postage overseas. See Here.

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