Macedonians from Neret who settled in Akron and Barberton, Ohio, USA

The following Macedonians came from Neret and settled in Akron and Barberton, Ohio, USA.

Name Arrived  
Bilchuroff, Atanas Stavros 1916, May 10 Akron
Christovichin, Peter Stoiche - (aka Peter Stoiche) 1915, Oct. 11  
Della, Risto 1921, Jan 10 Barberton
Dellon, George 1920, Apr 07 Barberton
Dimou, Pete V. 1921, Mar 30 Akron
Evanoff, Pete (Gazolianis) 1920, Apr 02 Barberton
Germanoff, Christine 1923 Aug. 02  
Ivanoff, Wells (Typo in records-should be Wello)    
Melitsis, Vasili (Nakeff) 1928, Feb 19 Akron
Mileff, Vane Naumche (Evan Naum) 1909, Aug 30 Barberton
Mileff, Velika 1923, Oct 01 Barberton
Mileff, Tom 1923, Oct 01 Barberton
Nakeff, Vasil    
Naki, Tanas (Nakeff) 1911, Nov 24 Akron
Naki, Todora (Nakeff) 1921, Aug 01 Akron
Nole, Kosta Mitre (Costa Mitros) 1914, Mar 28 Barberton
Risto, Stoyan 1914, Apr 12 Barberton
Stefo, Vane 1926, Oct 26 Barberton
Velo, Fanny 1935, Jun 27 Barberton
Velo, Kata (Katie) (Veliou) 1935, Dec 06 Barberton
Velo, Chris 1922 Barberton
Velo, Tom 1915, Oct 11 Barberton

Source: Basil Stephanoff, whose parents were born in Macedonia prior to the Balkan Wars. His father was from Prilep and his mother from Buf. Mr Stephanoff has a list of about 500 Macedonians who came to the Akron and Barberton area. The records are from the county.

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