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Pollitecon on Facebook
Pollitecon is now on Facebook through editor and publisher Victor Bivell. The page has occasional posts on human rights and new Macedonian books by various authors as well as on some broader issues. To see the full timeline, simply log onto Facebook and send a request to become a friend. Facebook is Here.

SBS Interview on The Rising Sun and Lerin in Mourning
SBS Radio has featured an interview on two of Pollitecon's books: the reprint of The Rising Sun in the Balkans: The Republic of Macedonia and the translation and printing of Pollitecon's newest book, Lerin In Mourning. The Rising Sun sold out about three years ago and is one of the best explanations of the name issue by a third party. Lerin in Mourning names over two thousand Macedonian fighters who died during the Greek Civil War. The interview in English is Here, and in Macedonian Here. More interviews are Here.

New Web Site for Canadian Macedonian Books
Canadian Macedonian Books and Reviews is a new web site that offers a wide range of Macedonian books including all the books that for many years have been available though the Canadian Macedonian Historical Society. The new site was established and is run by Virginia Evans, who also established the books page for the Historical Society when she was director and co-president. Virginia has for many years imported from various countries books that are published in English about Macedonian subjects. "There is little opportunity to learn about our literature, history and roots if you are unable to read Cyrillic, or are second or third generation Canadian," she says. The site carries fiction and children's books as well as biographies, politics, literature, human rights and other themes. The web site is Here.

Putting the Name Issue in a Comparative Perspective
Now available on our Free Ebooks section, Putting the Name Issue in a Comparative Perspective by Carlos Flores Juberías is subtitled Some Reflections on Twelve Other Names That Did Not Become an Issue. The author says throughout history there are countries and regions in Europe that become fragmented among two or more states, among them Germany, Ireland, Moldova, Luxembourg, Brabant, Carinthia, Styria, Karelia, Limburg, Pomerania, Silesia, Subcarpathia, Tyrol, Ulster—and, of course, Macedonia. The book is a comparative analysis of these cases and how the peaceful recognition of the right of all the communities involved to keep identifying themselves with their names and traditional symbols has been the rule. In no case has the claim ever succeeded where one of the parties sought exclusive use of the name and symbols. This finding has implications for the Macedonian name issue that should not be ignored, he says. The paper is Here.

Faded Memories: Life and Times of a Macedonian Villager
Faded Memories - Life and Times of a Macedonian Villager is a new book on the Free Ebooks section of the Pollitecon Publications web site. The book is an autobiography by John Christos Vellios, Jovan Risto Numeff, as told to his son Jim Vellios. It is a record of Jovan's recollections, or faded memories, that were passed down from his family and ancestors. It starts in Prilep under the Ottomans over 200 years ago, and under dramatic circumstances moves to Bapchor, Maala, Krepeshina and other villages of Lerinsko and Kostursko, to the USA, and then to the south west of Western Australia and Perth. As well as their family history, the book talks about the times in which Jovan's many family members lived and has many interesting details of life in Macedonia and as migrants. A really nice feature is the use of many Macedonian words alongside their English equivalents to show the language used by the villagers. The book is Here:

The Best of Ivan Trposki
Pollitecon's Free Ebooks section has The Sunrise in My Dream, a collection of the best poems by Ivan Trposki. A Macedonian Australian and author of 15 books, Ivan is the most published and most awarded poet in the Macedonian diaspora. The 70 poems are in both Macedonian and English. See Here.

New Books from Risto Stefov
Our Free Ebooks section has several new books authored or translated by Risto Stefov. All four books have English and Macedonian language versions. These are:
- America's Role in Macedonia's Troubled Journey to International Recognition - (1991 – 2013), by Risto Nikovski. Click to download the English and Macedonian versions.
- The Balkan Mega-ethnos: National Doctrines of Macedonia's neighbours, by Dimitar Mirchev. Click to download the English and Macedonian versions.
- A Stone too is Soil, A Novel by Petre Nakovski. In English and in Macedonian.
- A Century of Silence (1913 – 2013), by Stoian Kochov. In English and in Macedonian.

Book on the Persecution of Macedonians in Bulgaria
Dr Stojko Stojkov of OMO ‘Ilinden' PIRIN has published a book titled Taboo: The Persecution of Macedonians in Bulgaria During the Communist Era (1944-1989). The book was launched at the University Gotse Delchev in Shtip in December. There is more information as well as pictures from the launch in the latest MHR Review Here.

Book on Australian Macedonian People's League
Macedonian Australian activist Ico Najdovski-Perin has published a new book in both English and Macedonian called Makedonkso-Avstralisko Naroden Sojuz 1946-1958. The book is a doctoral dissertation about this first national organization of Macedonians in Australia whose well-known activists included Kiro Angelcoff, Stojan Sarbinoff, Ilo Malkov and Mick Veloskey, among many others. There is more on the book Here. The author can be contacted on Facebook and on 0418 223 313.

Mick Veloskey Interview
An extensive interview of longtime Australian Macedonian activist Mick Veloskey by 3ZZZ announcer Ico Najdovski is on youtube. The wide ranging interview covers both the early days of the Macedonian community in Australia and also current issues. The interview is Here.
There is also an interview with Mick on the Pollitecon web site Here.

Discount for Complete Set of Books
A reminder that a complete set of 12 Macedonian books published by Pollitecon can be purchased at a discount of free postage in Australia and reduced airmail postage overseas. See Here.

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