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June 2013

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Dinner With The Foreign Minister
Long time Macedonian-Australian activist Mick Veloskey will receive a UMD Lifetime Achievement Award at the United Macedonian Diaspora's Gala Dinner in Sydney on 5 July. The dinner is in honour of special guest, the Australian Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr. Other confirmed speakers are the Co-Chairs of the Australia Macedonia Parliamentary Friendship Group: Stephen Jones MP and Luke Simpkins MP. Senator Carr will deliver a keynote speech on Advancing Australia Macedonia Relations in collaboration with the Macedonian community and other key stakeholders. Tickets can be purchased by calling Ordan Andreevski on 0438 385 466 or Robert Pasquale on 0417 932 388, emailing australia@umdiaspora.org, or online by clicking Here.

Interview on Ending the Name Negotiations
SBS Radio interviewed Pollitecon Publications editor Victor Bivell on the latest movement in Macedonia to end the name negotiations with Greece. The interview discusses the positives and negatives of the negotiations and why he believes they should end. The interview is in both English and Macedonian language versions and can be found Here.

Macedonian Community Pages for Germany, Sweden & UK
The Macedonia Communities section of the Pollitecon web site has been updated with pages for Germany, Sweden and the UK, and updates on the pages for Macedonia, Greece, Switzerland and Slovenia.

The page for Germany has new links to the United Macedonians of Germany and Europe, and Ilinden 1903 Makedonija. The page is Here. The page for the UK has links to Macedonians in UK and the Macedonian Cultural and Artistic Association "Sonce". The page is Here. The page for Sweden links to the Macedonian Association Goce Delchev - Goteborg, Sweden and the Dame Gruev Macedonian Association. See Here.

The page for Greece has been updated with a link for the village Buf and a youtube video of an old woman of Buf singing a Macedonian song - Razbudise Makedonsite. The page is Here. The page for Macedonia has a link to Macedonia In English with political, business and other news in English, to the Foundation Open Society Macedonia, and to Macedonian Cities which has links to the 30 major cities in Macedonia. The page is Here. The page for Slovenia has a link to the Makedonsko Kulturno Drushtvo Biljana Maribor Slovenia. See Here. The page for Switzerland has a new link to the Macedonian Association Saints Kiril & Metodi. See Here.

Ivan Trposki Book
Well-known Macedonian Australian poet Ivan Trposki's latest book is a bilingual collection of 70 poems in Macedonian with English translations. The 173 page book covers the themes of emigrants, love poems, and patriotic poems. There is also a critique of his work and biography by professor Naume Radicheski. The Sunrise In My Dream is Mr Trposki 11thbook of poetry and he has also authored four other books. He is the most published poet in the global Macedonian diaspora and has won many awards. For further information contact Dushan Ristevski at the Macedonian Literary Association "Grigor Prlichev" by clicking Here or Mr Trposki by clicking Here.

Young Brides Old Treasures
The lavish book Young Brides - Old Treasures has almost sold out with only 17 books remaining, said Pavlina Proevska from the Macedonian Arts Council in New York which is co-publisher of the book with the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. This large format, hard cover, full color book has 170 pages including 100 pages of information on Macedonian costumes, weaving and embroidery, and many many beautiful photographs of Macedonian costumes. Pollitecon Publications has imported two more copies of the book, and these are available for $80 each - which includes postage to anywhere within Australia. You can order the book by clicking Here, or by calling Pollitecon on 02 9705 0578.

Macedonia and its Relations with Democracy
The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Center for Research and Policy Making have published a report by Elmina Kulasic on Transitional Justice in Macedonia and its Relations with Democracy. The article looks at the Ohrid Framework Agreement (OFA), saying its main goal was to end the violence and so it sidelined the need for tolerance and peace for all in the country. It accentuated peace over justice. "As a result, OFA focus on political representation and ethnic power-sharing has neglected past grievances and atrocities which are of utmost importance in order for a society to move forward with its democratic consolidation." The paper argues a long-term approach of transitional justice is imperative for democratic consolidation and stable inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia. The report is Here.

The Macedonian Question: 20 Years of Political Struggle into European Integration Structures
The book The Macedonian Question: 20 Years of Political Struggle into European Integration Structures is a collection of essays on policy-making in Macedonia and Europe and how it has affected the building of the Macedonian state including its economy, national branding, inter- ethnic relations, judicial co-operation, Balkan conflicts and other national issues. It looks at the influence of the UN, OSCE, EU and other international and European organizations. Contributors include Biljana Vankovska, Aleksandar Mitreski, Nedzad Mehmedovic, Didem Ekinci, Dragan Tevdovski, and Christopher K. Lamont. The book is edited by Zhidas Daskalovski and Marija Risteska, and is published by LIBERTAS Verlag in Germany and the Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) in Macedonia. Further information is Here. The book can be ordered Here.

Russia and the Balkans After the Cold War
The book Russia and the Balkans After the Cold War looks at the evolution of Russia's Balkan policies after the Cold War. It says "Russia's overall Balkan policy was marked by emphasis on its great power status, emphasis on the centrality of the UN in international relations, opposition to NATO expansion and stressing the importance of multipolarity." It expects the continuation of the Russian-Serbian alliance, that Kosovo will continue to the most critical problem dividing the region and Russia and the West. It says "Russia is likely to employ every means possible to exert its influence in the field of energy in the region." There is also a section on Macedonia. Overall, "Russia's Balkan policy is likely to remain as it is, unless changing circumstances emerge in the Balkans." The author, Didem Ekinci, was born in Turkey and teachers Politics in the Balkans and the Caucasus, and Greek Politics and Foreign Policy. The book is published by LIBERTAS - Europäisches Institut and can be ordered Here.

Heroes of Prilep
The "Heroes of Prilep" project is the publication of 12 pocket edition books about people and events from the Pelagonya, Mariovo and Prekurid regions of Macedonia. These are Vojojdite Spiro Tsrne and Giorgia Lazho, Vojvojdata Dime Chakre, Vojvojdite Kone Pavlev and Mirche Artsev, Jordan Gavazot, The Brothers Shemkovi, Vojvojdata Hristo Oklev Popeto, Vojvojdata Tole Pashov, Nikola Karanjilov, Vojvojdata Ante Dunski, Margara, Some Prilepski Vojvodi and Junatsi, and The Battle to Free the Village Vitolishte. The organizer, Trencho Dimitrioski, says the project is offering financial participation to assist with publication. The price is 1700 denars or 35 Australian dollars per set of 12 books. Each book will contain a summary in English. Mr Dimitrioski can be contacted Here.

Reprint for The Greek Anti-Macedonian Struggle
The Australian-Macedonian Human Rights Committee (AMHRC) is reprinting the English edition of Dimitris Lithoxou's The Greek Anti-Macedonian Struggle, Part 1: From St. Ilija's Day to Zagorichani (1903-1905). The book was launched earlier this year. The book was translated by executive members of the AMHRC, which said it has been accepted into the collections of numerous libraries around Australia and will be offered to leading universities in North America and the UK. The book details a number of attacks and massacres in by Greek terrorist groups in Aegean Macedonia between 1903 and 1905. The book can be purchased Here.

Macedonia Global Investment Summit 2013
The second Macedonia Global Investment Summit 2013 will be held from October 8 to 10 in Ohrid, Macedonia. The Summit aims to promote Macedonia as a destination for foreign direct investments, strengthen the export potentials of Macedonian companies, and encourage cooperation with the Macedonian Diaspora and international business professionals. Among other topics the Summit will look at the competitiveness of the Macedonian economy and discuss its enhancement through innovation, entrepreneurship and the transfer of know-how. The program is Here.

UMD Conference in Macedonia
The Prime Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski, will attend the 4th UMD Global Conference and headline the closing Gala Ball on 27 July in Skopje. The program and speakers for the Conference are now available and include a host of Macedonian and international academics who will speak on the theme: Macedonia 2013 - 100 Years After the Treaty of Bucharest, and look at the progress Macedonia has made since then. The conference runs from July 24 to 27 and the Cultural program and tours from July 28 to August 3. The program is Here. Online registration is Here.

AMHRC International Conference In Melbourne
The Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee (AMHRC) has organized an international scholarly conference to mark 100 years since the Partition of Macedonia. The conference is in Melbourne from 4 to 7 September 2013 and related events will be held during the conference week. Among the speakers are many well-known international academics on Macedonian issues including Professor Victor Friedman, Professor Katerina Kolozova, Professor Keith Brown, Professor Peter Hill, Professor Loring Danforth, Professor Grace E Fielder, Professor Christina Kramer, and Professor Andrew Rossos. More information and registration Here.

Institute of National History Conference in Skopje
The Institute of National History - Skopje is commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Balkan Wars with an International scientific conference "The Balkans: people, wars, and peace" to be held in Skopje on 4 and 5 November 2013. The aim is to stimulate more research on war and peace in the Balkans and especially in Macedonia. Among the topics it has proposed are:
• The Balkan Wars and Macedonia
• The civil wars in the Balkans
• Religion between war and peace
• Peace efforts and movements in the Balkans
• The consequences of wars and peace treaties
• Migrations and ethnic changes in the Balkans
• The idea of home and forced migrations
• The Macedonian movement for national liberation in the Balkans
• The World Wars and the Balkans
The conference languages are Macedonian and English. More information is Here.

Macedonian Language Beginners Classes for Adults
The Macedonian School Council of NSW has begun adult Macedonian language classes. The courses starts will Macedonian Beginners for non-native speakers and offers basic Macedonian reading, writing and conversational skills. The course is mainly conversational and takes a topic-based approach to give students the grammatical understanding and vocabulary essential for using Macedonian in everyday situations. The venue is the Macedonian Cultural-Education Centre Ilinden in Rockdale, Sydney. Further information from Zaklina Mihajlova on 0412456225.

Pollitecon Books

Discount for Complete Set of Books
A reminder that a complete set of Macedonian books published by Pollitecon can be purchased at a discount of free postage in Australia and reduced airmail postage overseas. See Here then click on the drop-down menu.

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