The Fifty Two Executed from Gumenichko

In May 1944 the German occupying armies began military operations against the units of ELAS on Pajak mountain. The military operations were unsuccessful and the German forces suffered about 10 fatalities, among whom was the commander of the Greek Boemitsa. They then threw themselves with viciousness against the peaceful population. They set fire to the village Livada, plundered and looted other villages and arrested more than 100 patriots - Macedonians and Greeks from the Gumendzha and surrounds. They were all members of CPG and EAM, while Gono Maslinchev and Tanasis Aleksandropoulos were cadres of CPG in Gumenichko. On 8 May they hanged one of the arrested people, G Georgopulos, while the others were sent to the Solun camp "Pavlos Melas."

After a month 52 of those arrested were transferred again to Gumendzha and they were shot at the area known as "Chkrchishta", one kilometre from the town. They shot them five at a time and dropped them into a single unmarked grave.

All 52 patriots bravely greeted their deaths and their last words -

"Long live ELAS."

"Long live CPG."

"Long live freedom."

Hr Menchev


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

© 2009

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters