The Fifteen Killed from the Village Bahovo

In 1943 everyone in the Karadzhovska region was up on their feet. Macedonians and Greeks were fighting together heroically against the German-Italian occupiers for the liberation of the motherland.

In the village of Bahovo all of the adult males and females were organized in the ranks of EAM and the youth in EPON. Many of the youth had joined the ranks of ELAS while the others served in the ELAS reserve and were available to the 30th regiment of ELAS, very ready to help wherever they were needed. The youth from Bahovo participated in many attacks against the German occupiers. They participated in the attack by ELAS against the German column that was marching from Voden to Sabasko in November 1943. Four enemy trucks were set alight and there were 10 German soldiers killed or injured. On 26 December 1943 they participated in the attack on the mine in Gumendzhansko and on 6 January of the following year in the attack on Sabasko. On that occasion the German commander of the town was killed.

All of that activity in Bahovo was a thorn in the eye of the occupying forces so, late into the night of the 19th, toward the 20th of January 1944, a large German army surrounded the village and arrested 25 people. Three of them: Hristo Veshkov, Alekso Poshinov and Petro Adzhiev were shot the same day in Sabasko. The remaining ones were sent to Solun and imprisoned in the concentration camp "Pavlos Melas". Ten of them were shot on 3 March 1944 in the Solun-Kukush highway: Perikli Tanurovski, Georgi Salamanov, Niko Tuba, Kosta Veshkov, Zaharija Veshkov, Dimitri Kukuli, Niko Ikonomu (teacher), Hristo Heruli, Spiro Heruli and Hristo from Sabasko. Four others were sent to the concentration camp in Germany. Two of them, Jani Kalojanov and Dimitri Dzhambazov, did not return.

N Tanuri


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters