Miovski Hristo

Hristo Miovski was born in the village of Popli, Prespa region, in 1899. At the time of the Nazi occupation he joined the ranks of the CPG and actively fought the foreign occupiers.

After the liberation of our side, he continued to work for the establishment of democracy and peace in Greece. Because of his activism in the democratic movement, after the Varkiza agreement he was arrested many times and tortured by the monarcho-fascist forces. On 23 April 1947 he was again arrested and thrown into the Lerin jail. Then his daughter was arrested along with several others from his village.

On 27 May of the same year, after the UN commission had left Lerin, a group of 40 of us fighters - Macedonians and Greeks - appeared before the Lerin military court. Most of the fighters were sentenced to death, including Hristo, his neighbour Jane Dimanovski, the doctor Ioanidis - secretary of the Lerin regional committee of EAM, and others. All of those sentenced to death received their sentence in a cool-headed way and with their courage they inspired us, the other prisoners, who were to remain alive. The courage of the old doctor Ioanidis made a particular impression on us and the 18 year old Pavle Apchev, a representative of EPON in the village Banica. They were always smiling.

On 27 July 1947 a group of 12 of those sentenced to death were taken to the Lerin execution ground. All of the condemned men proudly raised their heads and faced the executioners and bravely awaited death. Both of the villagers from Popli died then - Hristo Miovski and Jane Dimanovski.

Tr. Miovski


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters