Mangov Krsto

Krsto Mangov was born in the Kostur village of Dmbeni. Following the life effort of Lazo Poptrajkov, Lazo Trpovski and other revolutionary heroes from Dmbeni, he joined the Greek revolutionary movement and fought for the liberation of the Greek and Macedonian peoples.

In 1946 Krsto was in the groups of people's fighters being followed on Vich and Mali-Madi and actively helped to establish DAG in the Kostur region.

At the start of 1948 he was elected the president of the Kostur regional people's council where he showed particular activism. He went from village to village and worked tirelessly for the first Macedonian schools to be opened. for the establishment of the first village people's councils and people's courts, agricultural cooperatives, people's hospitals, the development and support of the youth groups, for the realization of CPG's policies for full and equal rights for the Macedonian people.

He was a good agitator on behalf of the people and spoke with enthusiasm among the people about the rights that Macedonians have won in the general struggle with their brothers, the Greek people under the leadership of the CPG, for the need for brotherhood and unity between the two peoples in the battle for liberation for all.

Krsto worked tirelessly for the mobilization of the people in the Kostur region in the aid actions for DAG - help with wheat, meat, wool, and other aid in transporting the wounded fighters, work on the trenches; everything that was needed in battle.

As a result of Mangov's tireless work, in October 1948 he was made an assistant president of the people's government in Western Macedonia. He continued the fight from that post until his death.

He was killed by an enemy grenade on 13 August 1949 in the village of Breznica, Kostur.


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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