Konsolov Georgi

Among the other heroes in the village of Bapchor who joined the ranks of DAG and whose blood ran for the liberation of his homeland is also Georgi Konsolov, company commander.

Georgi was raised in very difficult circumstances and his back was truly tested by the miserable village life he led.

When the first partisan groups appeared in Vich, his heart filled with revolutionary zeal and with the hope for a better life; so he helped those groups with everything he had.

At the start of 1947 he entered the ranks of DAG. From that day, Konsolov's life was a series of battles and hatred for the enemy. He endured the hardships of battle with his personal strengths, with song and high spirits. He gave optimism to his fellow fighters with his humour. Vich, Lerin field, Kajmachkalan, Sinjachk and Hasja were his fighting locations.

Because of his qualities as a horseman, he was made commanding officer. His unit was an iron fist under his experienced leadership. At every battle with the enemy he managed to complete all of his orders.

The difficult and uneven battles of DAG taught him, steeled him, and made a real fighter out of him, a fearless fighter.

In 1949 when the enemy operations started on Vich - Gramos, he with his detachment were on Kajmachkalan and fought may battles so that he could draw the attention of the enemy and ease the ferocity of the battles on Vich-Gramos.

In his final attack by his detachment trying to break the enemy line and join the other units, he fell into an enemy trap and began an unequal hand-to-hand battle. In that bloody battle Konsolov was wounded badly. But even in the last minutes of his life, he did not lose his courage and with a smile on his lips he gave courage to his comrades, concealing the dreadful pain of the wound.

The hot firing of the automatics, the whinnying of the horses and the fighters' shouts of "hurrah" were the last farewell of the beloved commander.

In that August night in 1949 the legendary mountain Kajmachkalan took back into her lap the hero Konsolov.

V Shamanovski


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters