Koljovi Iljo and Hristo

Iljo Koljov was born in Breznica, Kostur region in 1925. At the time of the Nazi occupation he organized himself into EPON and in 1944 he joined the ranks of ELAS. He participated in many battles against the Germans - in Lerin, near Trnaa, on the street in Lerin-Korcha and others.

Iljo believed that our people would succeed in being liberated only if the Greek people and Macedonian people fought together under the leadership of CPG and that is why he fought against the divisive streams in the movement which sought a split along lines of ethnicity.

After the Varkiza agreement he worked in the EPON committee in his own village and in 1947 he joined the ranks of DAG. He fought in many battles in Vich, Gramos and elsewhere as a leading commander. In the battle near Kalugerica, above Lerin, he was wounded.

At the beginning of 1948 he served in the 16th brigade of DAG, which was going to meet and join the column of the Rumeli unarmed fighters. He fought in battles on Olympus and elsewhere.

In a difficult and unequal battle on 23 March 1948 near Amarbei he was badly injured. He fell into the clutches of the enemy and died.

Six months after the death of Iljo, his younger brother Hristo also died.

Hristo was born in 1929. During the Nazi occupation, at the age of 14, he carried out many missions for the liberation movement - courier etc. At the age of 18 he joined the ranks of DAG and on 9 October 1948 he died in the battle near Falcata.

L Koljov


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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