Beglenche Dimitri

Dimitri Beglenche was born in the village Pochip - Karadzhovsko in 1925. In 1946 he joined the ranks of the DAG and was involved in significant operations. He participated in many operations in Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly and Roumeila.

Even though he was illiterate and started out as a lowly private, he became the commander of a company, passing through all of the ranks on his way.

At the age of 23 he became the commander of the EPON company in Roumelia. Wise and brave in battle, the respected commander was overcome by youthful passion. Both fighters and officers praised him. Beglenche demonstrated capabilities as a commander as well as being a master tactician. As the commander of a company he played a decisive role in the battle at Greek Karpenis in January 1949. In that battle he showed such bravery and capability, initiative and decisiveness that his contribution ensured the success of the operation. After the battle he was promoted to the rank of captain. However his authority was even further enhanced. He was in the hearts of all of the fighters of Roumelia. One of the higher-ranking officers of DAG when he met other officers spoke only of the bravery and talents of Beglenche. He said "We, the Greek fighters, in the face of Beglenche, of Gjoro and of the other brave Macedonian fighters and officers of DAG recognize our brother Macedonian people, with whom we have been tied by close ties for many long years."

Beglenche was killed on 21 March 1949 near Panagija, close to the village of Dimari in Epirus.

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From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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