The village of Rakita was forcibly made to change its name by the Greek government to Olimpjas. It is about 10 kilometres northwest of the town of Kajlari and about 3 kilometres southeast of the Vrapchinsko Lake. It is on the western part of the Kajlarsko Plain (Belo Plain) at 21 degrees 36 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 34 minutes latitude. It is 670 metres above sea level and about 16 square kilometres in area.

The village borders to the north with the village Rudnik, to the east with the village Biraltsi and to the south with the village Chor.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War in 1945 about 990 residents lived in the village of whom 905 were Macedonians and about 85 were Greek-Prosfigi from Asia Minor. The residents were employed in agriculture, raising livestock and other occupations.

During the Greek Civil War, the residents took part in the organization of NOF and in the armed ranks of DAG led by KPG with more than 45 active fighters. 13 gave their lives.

They were:

1. Jovanov Laki
2. Kasapov Vangel
3. Kirkov Tanas
4. Kurkutmanov Petre
5. Lalov Kostadin
6. Litovski Jordan
7. Rudnikliev Mincho
8. Rudnikliev Petre
9. Samardzhiev Petre
10. Samardzhiev Lambro
11. Timjanov Bodi
12. Timjanov Vangel
13. Chikov Dine

The details of the fallen fighters were obtained from Boris Litovski from the same village, who was a member of DAG.

After the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration from the area and forced settlement of new residents, the number of residents fell significantly. In the official census in Greece in 1991 it is recorded that there were 889 residents in the village.

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