The village of German was forcibly made to change its name by the Greek government to Agios Germanos. It is a part of the Lerin region about 25 kilometres northwest of the town. It is on the ridge of the mountain Bela Voda in Prespa at 21 degrees 09 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 50 minutes latitude and 1,050 metres above sea level. Its area is about 58 square kilometres.

The village borders with the following settled places: to the west the village Robi, to the southwest Medovo and Shtrkovo and to the north the mountain Asanova Chuka, to the east Bigla mountain and to the south German mountain.

Before the start of the Civil War about 2,180 residents of Macedonian background lived in the village.

The residents were employed in raising livestock, agriculture, timber getting and other trades and important activities for such a big village.

In the period 1946-49, the residents of the village actively took part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG led by KPG with more than 380 active fighters. During the time of the bloody battles in which brother fought brother, 95 gave their lives and 15 patrots were shot in the Lerin prison. They were:

1. Arnautov Mitre Goche
2. Asencharov Tanas Risto
3. Asencharov Tanas Bozhin
4. Boglev Kole Petre
5. Boshev Iljo Stojan
6. Boshev Stojan Nikola
7. Veljanov Spase Mitre
8. Vlashki German Tanas
9. Vlashki Stojan Vangel
10. Vlashki Eftim Ahilea
11. Vlashki Naum Krstin
12. Vrlev Risto German
13. Gashtov Jovan Eftim
14. Gerovska Iljo Tronda
15. Gerovski Iljo Risto
16. Gerovski Lambro Vangel
17. Gineva Kote Ristojtsa
18. Gineva Tsvetko Tronda
19. Grezhlovski Ognen Kire
20. Grozdanov Mitre German
21. Grozdanov Krste Tanas
22. Golchevski Mijal Kosta
23. Damov Risto Petre
24. Damov Mjal Joshe
25. Damov Tanas Sime
26. Dimovski Tsvetko Done
27. Dimovski Kosta German
28. Dimcheva Kolachkova Elena
29. Dojchinov Stavre Bogoja
30. Dojchinov Spiro Goche
31. Dupchinov Lazar Pando
32. Durlov Done Kosta
33. Durlova Najdo Jana
34. Gjakovski Krstin Sarfo
35. Gjakovski Done Vangel
36. Gjakovski Nakje Pavle
37. Jovanov Risto Petre
38. Kajchovski Naum Vangel
39. Kajchovski Boris Done
40. Kajchovski Sarfo Vasil
41. Kajchovski Gjorgji Mitre
42. Karlovska Nate Dosta
43. Kiprev Dime Stojan
44. Kiprev Vasil Goche
45. Kolevski Goche Mitre
46. Kolachkov Vasil Stojan
47. Kolachkov Petre Spase
48. Kuzmanov Mitre Ilija
49. Kufalov Done Lambro
50. Kufalova Gligur Vasilka
51. Langov Nikola Kote
52. Langov Lazar Trajko
53. Langov Risto Mitre
54. Laov Pavle Ilija
55. Laov Nikola German
56. Lelifanov Done Bogoja
57. Madzhev Kire Vasil
58. Madzhev Kote Mitre
59. Madzhev Stefo Mitre
60. Mechkarov Alekso Stevo
61. Muchkarov Noachev Krstin
62. Muchkarov Mitre Bogoja
63. Nakjev Naum Krstin
64. Nedekjin Alekso Ilija
65. Nikin Mijal Joshe
66. Nikovski Lambro Risto
67. Nikovski Vane Tanas
68. Nushev Fote Trifun
69. Nushev Petre Bogoja
70. Pajkov Risto Mile
71. Pajkov Trajan Tanas
72. Pajkova Stojan Germanija
73. Petkov Tanas Kosta
74. Petkovska Stoja
75. Petkashinov German Stojan
76. Petkov Filip Lambro
77. Pitropov Fote Mitre
78. Popovski Mitre Alekso
79. Popovski Lazar Mijale
80. Popovski Sotir Nikola
81. Rusev Mitre Tanas
82. Saragilovski Iljo Mitre
83. Sekulovski Tanas Simo
84. Sivakov Lambro Trajan
85. Topalov Mijal Joshe
86. Topalov Iljo Mitre
87. Ushlinov Krstin Vange
88. Ushlinov Stojan Alekso
89. Frtkarov Alekso Ilija
90. Tsrnilazarov Vangel Joshe
91. Tsuklev Vasil Kosta
92. Chetelev Risto Tsvetko
93. Chetelev Stefo Nikola
94. Dzhuklev Vasil Kote
95. Shapkov Risto Pavle

The German residents who were shot in the Lerin prison on 29.10.1948 by the monarcho-fascists were:

1. Babinkostov Risto German
2. Velev Petko Vasil
3. Boglev Kole German
4. Ivanovski German Andrea
5. Jankov Risto Stojan
6. Joanov Risto Joshe
7. Langovski Vasil Stojan
8. Mechkarov Alekso Fote
9. Mladenov Iliija German
10. Nushevski Petre Vangel
11. Rusevski Goche Lazar
12. Torkov Andrea Metodi
13. Chetelevski Stefo Vangel

The following organizers from the village were shot:

1. Pitrupov Vasil German
2. Shapkov Tsvetko Bozhin

Of all of the fallen fighters who gave their young lives there were 86 men and 9 women. Imprisoned and killed were 15 residents from the village. In total 110 patriots were killed.

After the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration from the village German, the number of residents fell significantly. In the official census in Greece in 1991 it was recorded that there were 267 residents in the village.

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