Armensko was forcibly renamed by the Greek Government to Alona. It is 10 kilometres west of Lerin. It is a mountain village at 21 degrees 18 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 46 minutes latitude and 640 metres above sea level with an area of 20 kilometres squared.

The village borders to the west with Psoderi, to the east with Mateshnitsa the north with Buf and to the south with Trsje.

Before the Greek Civil War in 1945 there were about 200 families resident in the village and all were of Macedonian background. They were employed in raising livestock, agriculture and other trades and occupations.

The residents of Armensko were traditionally revolutionary and actively took part in the Ilinden Uprising. That was enabled by the position of the village and the revolutionary nature of its residents.

During the Greek Civil War the residents actively and en masse took part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG with more than 150 fighters. 57 people gave their lives.

They were:

1. Aleksov Vangel
2. Aleksov Petre - brothers
3. Balkanov Pane
4. Son of Risto Bozhinov
5. Vasilev Risto
6. Vasilov Mijale [Mijale Vasilov na Moutao]
7. Vasilov Kotsi [Kotsi Vranchev na Moutao]
8. Vasilov Goche [Goche Vranchev na Moutao] - 3 brothers
9. Vasilov Pane
10. Vasilov Petso Joan-Dafo
11. Vasilov Petso - son and father
12. Vranchev Trifun Lazar
13. Vranchev Trifun - son and father
14. Vranchev Kostadin
15. Vranchev Letso
16. Vranchev Joan
17. Grachov Sime
18. Dimcheva Ristojtsa
19. Donechin Stojkov Nastas
20. Iliev Pop Petre
21. Jurukov Vane
22. Jurukov Vasil
23. Kurtev Vanche
24. Kufev K Natse
25. Kufev Tanas
26. Mangov Fote
27. Mangov Risto
28. Nanev Vasil
29. Nanova Goritsa
30. Neshov Iljo
31. Noakov Krste
32. Noakova Noachitsa
33. Peijov Gjorgi
34. Petrov Vasil
35. Petrev Kotsi
36. Petrev Endrija
37. Petrev Natse
38. Petreva V Ilinka
39. Petsanov Vasil
40. Stanoev Dime
41. Stoikov F Kole
42. Stoikov Endrija
43. Stamkov Vane
44. Stamkov G Natse
45. Stamkov G Risto - brothers
46. Tanchev Kole
47. Tomev Goche
48. Tsanev Risto
49. Tsetsov Krste
50. Tsetsova Velika
51. Chochov Joan
52. Chochov Filip
53. Chochov Ilo
54. Chochov K Kole
55. Chochov Tanas
56. Shubov Joan
57. Shubov Petse - brothers

These details are from ljo Kjatipov from the same village and fighter from 1941-1949 in ELAS and DAG.

52 heroes of the above were men and 5 were women.

After the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration from the village, the number of residents fell. In the last official census in Greece in 1991 it is recorded that there were 220 residents.

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