A Solution for Macedonia

By Victor Bivell

When US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the US won't win in Afghanistan and neither will the Taliban so it is time to negotiate a settlement, he was showing how real politics works. When countries realize they can't win, they talk. There is a lesson here for Macedonia. The Greek and Bulgarian governments still think they can destroy the Macedonians, so they keep trying.

To achieve peace, Macedonia has to become strong. At the existential level that means getting enough Macedonians from around the world to return to Macedonia to get the ethnic Macedonian population above 70 per cent so that the country can become politically stable. At the economic level, it means attracting business people and using every means possible to grow the economy and provide jobs. At the diplomatic level it means better relations with the five members of the UN Security Council, the EU member governments and governments that have so far not recognized Macedonia's name.

Every Macedonian who cares needs to think about how they can help to make Macedonia strong. When Macedonia is strong enough, the Greek and Bulgarian governments will stop bullying it and start serious talks.

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Source: www.pollitecon.com