As a result of the great repressions against the Macedonian people by the Greek predatory bands supported by the monarcho-fascist government of Greece, there arose an urgent need for the formation of NOF with the aim that it would organize and protect the Macedonian population from the great terror and physical deprivations. Another goal was, through struggle, to achieve cultural and social equality and recognition of the cultural and religious heritage of the Macedonian people if not further then at least within the democratic boundaries of Greece.

The founding meeting of the NOF organization was held on 23 April 1945 and was called on the initiative of the Political Commission of Aegean Macedonia which was formed on 20 November 1944 in Bitola. At this meeting it was resolved that the organization would be called National Liberation Front of Aegean Macedonia. The date 23 April 1945 is taken as the day on which NOF was formed. NOF was a continuation of the organization SNOF (Slavo Macedonian Peoples Liberation Front), which existed under that name in the time of the Second World War.

At the founding meeting there were representative delegates from all of the regions of Aegean Macedonia. A management body was elected for NOF for Aegean Macedonia comprised of: Paskal Mitrevski as secretary, Mihail Keramitchiev, Dzhodzho Urdev, Atanas Koroveshov, Pavle Rakovski and Mincho Fotev as members.

In accordance with the structure of the NOF organization adopted at the foundation meeting, Aegean Macedonia was divided into five regions: Kostur, Lerin, Voden, Gumendzhisko-Enidzhe-Vardarski and Ser.

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Lerin in Mourning