The village of Negovan was forcibly renamed by the Greek government to Flampourion. It is about 14 kilometres southeast of Lerin. It is a mountain village at the heart of the Radosh Mountain, at 21 degrees 32 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 42 minutes latitude and 965 metres above sea level. It is about 29 square kilometres in area.

The village borders to the west with the villages Gorno and Dolno Kotori, to the north with the village Leskovets and the mountain Golema Glava, to the east with the mountain Radosh and to the south with the Negovanska Mountain.

Before the start of the Greek Civil War in 1945 about 1,180 residents lived in the village, of whom a small number were Macedonians and Greeks, more were Vlachs and most were Arnauti-Albanians.

The residents were employed in raising livestock, timber getting, building and less with agriculture.

During the Greek Civil War, the residents took little part in the organization of NOF and the armed forces of DAG led by KPG. Although it was a large village it had a mixed population. More than 45 fighters took part in the armed force and 14 gave their lives; and during the occupation of Greece in 1943, 8 patriots were shot.

They were:

1. Baloshi Dimitri
2. Gogos P Spiro
3. Dede P Marija
4. Elovaris Gjeorgi
5. Zezis Gjeorgis
6. Zezis Taki
7. Lumis V Nikola
8. Nikolis Micho
9. Petsev Kosta
10. Rajani T Petre
11. Sitsiris K Dimitri
12. Stilijadi Kostadin
13. Taushani N Petro
14. Todos Aristoteli

Those shot in 1943 by the occupier were:

1. Agrofilakas Gjeorgi
2. Brukos Gavrili
3. Vlahos Flipas
4. Vlahos Kolushi
5. Gatsis Hristo
6. Zezis Kostikas
7. Mitrushi Sterjo
8. Mitrushidi Kicho

Of all the fighters who gave their young lives there were 21 men and 1 woman.

After the Greek Civil War, the emigration from the village and forced evictions, the number of residents fell significantly. In the census of 1991 it was recorded that there were 621 residents in Negovan.

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