Boreshnitsa had its name changed by the Greek Government to Palestra. It is about 10 kilometres to the northeast of Lerin. It is on the southern part of the Pelagonia plain and surrounded by mountains with plentiful water and fertile soil.

It is at 21 degrees 31 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 48 minutes latitude, 632 metres above sea level and with an area of about 9 square kilometres.

The village borders to the west the villages Armenovo and Lazheni, to the northwest with Petorak, to the northeast with Neokasi, to the east with Zabrdeni, to the southeast with Rosen and to the southwest with Pesochnitsa.

In 1945 there were about 590 residents of Macedonian background together with a small number of Greeks who were Madzhiri (immigrants).

The villagers were employed in agriculture, raising livestock, some trades and other occupations.

During the Greek Civil War the residents did not show any particular revolutionary activism. The geographical position of the village did not enable this. Only 4 took part as active fighters in the ranks of DAG and, sadly, they all died. Five were imprisoned for being communists and sentenced to death by shooting at the Lerin prison

They were:

1. Atanasov (Popov) Vasil Atanas
2. Atanasovska Atanas Kata
3. Banichotov Kosta Lambo
4. Banichotov Kosta Aristidi - brothers
5. Banichotov Lazo Mire
6. Banichotov Kosta Gjorgi
7. Banichotov Delo Stevo
8. Mandzhukov Kole Pavle
9. Ovcharov Pandil Evropidi

The details of the above names were completed by Andon Vasil Atanasov who is from the village.

Of the above named fallen fighters there were 8 men and 1 woman.

After the Greek Civil War and the forced emigration from the village the number of residents fell. In the census in 1991 there were 337 residents.

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