Bitusha had its name forcibly changed to Pararion. It is about 10-11 kilometres to the north of Lerin. It is on the ridge of Baba Mountain on the periphery of the Pelagonia plain. It is 21 degrees 22 minutes longitude and 40 degrees 52 minutes latitude and 620 metres above sea level and has an area of about 6 square kilometres.

The village borders on the following: to the west Rakovo, to the northwest with the village Opsirino, to the north with Sveta Petka, to the east Dolno Kleshtino and to the south with Gorno Kleshtino.

In 1945 there were about 560 residents in the village and all of Macedonian background.

The residents were employed in agriculture, raising livestock, timber getting and other trades and necessary occupations.

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Lerin in Mourning