Urumov Kosta

He was born to a poor and revolutionary working family in 1920 in the town of Enidzhe Vardar. As a young boy he became familiar with the progressive movement. From a young age he was forced to work and at the same time he served as a courier for the progressive organizations.

In 1941 he became an official member of OKNE and worked actively against fascism. Until the Varkiza agreement he was an instructor of the regional organization in the village of Kufalovo and later he was a member of the Voden Regional Committee of EPON and worked as an instructor in Enidzhe Vardar. In 1945 he was mobilized into the army and sent to Ber. But the monarcho-fascists did not trust him with weapons and they had him watch the livestock as though that was all he could do. And there he continued to think and fight for the people's work. He organized other young fighters around him and together they planned to abandon the army for the partisan ranks. They were betrayed about the plan they were making and 19 people were arrested. They were referred to the military court and seven were sentenced to death, among them Kosta Foti Urumov. The death sentence was carried out in 1947.

Kosta was an active and significant fighter with full faith that there would be victory for the people and it was to that idea that he dedicated his life.

Hr. Mishos


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters