Trkalov Tanas

"Tanas from Zhelevo" was the way that Tanas Trkalov, the beloved officer from the village of Zhelevo, was known among the DAG fighters.

Tanas was healthy, with a strong body, a modest and average type, a national fighter and because of that he was loved by all, Macedonians and Greeks.

He served in the 107th brigade of DAG until June 1948. He was wounded before the great battles on Gramos in 1948. He got well as quickly as he could and took part in the operations on Gramos and Vich in 1948 - in another battalion.

As a leading commander he was respected by his military comrades and by the command. He educated his comrades in the spirit of self sacrifice and particularly in the spirit of the completion of orders and commands. He was an excellent shot; everyone was amazed with him, and he helped all of the fighters under his command become excellent shooters. He took part in many battles in the area of Kastanarijata, Kopanche, Gorica, Sveti Ilija, Paprasko, Piramida, Drenichovo and others. He also took part in the battles on Gramos-Vich in 1948.

Because of his capabilities, he quickly rose to the rank of company commissar.

His most noteworthy action took place in a battle on Mali-Madi in the month of October 1948 where with his company he contributed a great deal to the success of the battle. It was in that battle that Tanas fell a hero.

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From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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