The Eleven Shot from the Village Ekshisovo

After Varkiza the Greek monarcho-fascist forces persecuted the Macedonian people with frenzy. Thousands of Macedonians were arrested and exiled to the islands, camps and prisons. Hundreds were sentenced to death and shot. Mass shootings took place in all corners of Macedonia: Lerin, Kostur, Voden, Enidzhe-Vardarsko, Gumenichko and others.

In 1947 more than 20 people were arrested in one day - men and women from the village of Ekshisovo. The torture that took place in the police cells could not be described. In the Surovichko police cells Aspasija Streshova had her throat cut. In Ekshisovo her two sisters were burned to death - Vesa and Niki, as well as Matka Popova. Eleven others were dragged to the Lerin prison. There they remained for a long period and later, after a military court process, were sentenced to death. In November of the same year the following patriots were shot -

1. Adzhikirev Trifon

2. Adzhikirev Frosa

3. Vasov Mihal

4. Velashkov Anastas

5. Dimulkov Mihal

6. Durdanova Marika

7. Masev Stefo

8. Masev Tasho (son of Stefo)

9. Robev Vasil

10. Romanov Pando

11. Trajkov Stojan

All patriots, while they were in the police cells and the prisons and while they were before the military courts and before being executed, never gave any concession. Characteristic of the group were the two 20-year-old EPON members Frosa Adzhikireva and Durdanova. The whole time they were in prison, even though they knew they were to be killed, they were not afraid. They sang revolutionary songs and gave courage to their fellow prisoners. On 20 November 1947 they were informed that they were to be executed, so they got up very early, got dressed, combed their hair carefully, and beautiful as they were, they walked with their heads held high to their executioners. As they walked along the streets of Lerin, they sang partisan songs and revolutionary songs with their lovely voices and called "Long live the partisans, CPG, Freedom." Many Lerin citizens, surprised by the revolutionary songs, came out onto the streets and were impressed by the bravery and self sacrifice of the young heroines. And none of them accepted a blindfold at the moment of being shot.

M Adzhikirev


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters