Roikov Kosta (Evripidi)

Kosta Roikov was born in the Ser town Dolno Dzhumaja in 1915 to a poor family. His father was a labourer and died very young, leaving Kosta fatherless at a very young age. His mother was compelled to work for others so that she could ensure she and her son had bread to eat. And Kosta as a young boy began to work in a gas factory and elsewhere. He worked under the most difficult conditions - in the water and he received a paltry wage.

From his young years Kosta joined the ranks of OKNE and worked in the organization "Ergatiki Voitija", which is like a good mother of political prisoners and their families. He worked on the anti dictator front against Metaxas and in other progressive revolutionary organizations in the years of the Metaxas dictatorship.
In the years of the Nazi occupation he was among the first fighters to join the ranks of ELAS. He fought heroically against the occupier and its servants.

In DAG he was an exempalrty fighter of the 132nd brigade. He took part in many battles. On 17 November 1948 he fell on the mountain Chengel.

In the archives of the 132nd brigade here is what was written about his death: "He died while being the first to go ahead on reconnaissance. He fell while fighting the enenmy head to head."

K Korikafa


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters