Pejov Georgi

He was born in 1920 in the town of Lerin to a poor farming family. His father - Kire Pejov, was an old Macedonian revolutionary and he raised his children in that spirit.

During the Nazi occupation Georgi and his sister were organized into the CPG and actively helped the national liberation movement on the side. After liberation, they again worked actively for the people in Lerin. Georgi's sister was a member of the people's court in the mid region of the town.

After the Varkiza agreement the two brothers were followed by the reactionary forces because of their dedication to the Party and the people's struggle. Georgi's sister was arrested and after two years in jail in Edi-Kule and elsewhere, she was executed.

Georgi did not fall into the hands of the enemy. He operated illegally in the ranks of the CPG and in other patriotic organizations of the people. Despite his age and his great sorrow at the loss of his daughter, his father did not worry. Georgi worked in the people's struggle motivated by an inextinguishable hatred for the persecutors of the people and optimism in an eventual victory. Unlawful gatherings were arranged in his home and he covered for the outlawed activity with permitted operations.

One night they had gone to Georgi's home with the secretary of the town committee of the CPG. Before they set off Georgi told his parents that he would go away to work and might not return home for a long time. Kire hugged him and said "Go in good health, my son! Make sure that you do not let the enemy capture you alive and do not embarrass me. I do not want you to come home at all if you are hanging your head in shame…!"

So Georgi set off. He joined the ranks of DAG and as a unit commander commissar he fought heroically. In one particularly intense battle near the village of Kleshtima-Lerinsko he fell on 25 October 1947. In recognition of his efforts he was promoted to captain, posthumous hero.

Georgi fulfilled the wish of his old father and did not let himself be captured alive by the enemy. He was an exemplary fighter in the outlawed operations, fearless in battle with his gun in his hand. He will live in the memory of all of his comrades.


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters