Kostovski Jane (Georgiadi)

Jane Kostovski was born in 1930 in the village of Shtrkovo, Prespa region. During the time of the Nazi occupation he and his family joined in the struggle for national liberation. As a result of that, after Varkiza, his father and uncles were arrested and stayed in prison for a long while.

Despite the difficult conditions for his family, Jane kept working for the national struggle. His father Pando, after the liberation of Prespa, was elected president of the people's council of his village and Jane actively worked in the ranks of EPON. When the first Macedonian language teacher courses were offered in Prespa Jane enrolled in them and became a teacher. But just after finishing his course in 1948 he applied to join the ranks of DAG, thinking that in that way he could contribute more to the liberation of his homeland. He fought in many battles and in the summer of 1948 he fell in Mali-Madi at the age of 18.

When his father learned the news of the death of his son, he contacted the Lerin Regional Council and said, "Comrades, until today I worked and fought. From now on I must fight doubly - on my own behalf, and on behalf of my son Jane, whose place is now empty." The promise given by Pando was fully met. As the president of the people's council, he gathered all his strengths and worked day and night for the struggle. Sending food to Gramos, building supports on Vich, transporting injured fighters, and everything that DAG asked of him. He was a capable leader, but also a strong man. He not only guided others but participated himself in actions. In building the supports he would hoist the biggest logs onto his shoulder and carry them. In the support actions for DAG, especially on the great battles on Gramos in 1948, he gave the most wheat, meat etc. With these actions Shtrkovo was outstanding compared to the other villages on Vich. Out of respect for the services of Shtrkovo for the struggle, PDV awarded the village and its president Pando Kostovski personally with a diploma.

Pando continued the struggle with increased enthusiasm and, loyal to his post given to him by the people, gave everything he valued most dearly, eventually his own life. He was killed in December 1948 while carrying out his mission.


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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