Georgiovski Kosta and Kirko

Kosta Georgiovski was born in the village Breshteni, Kostur region in 1916. Kosta was a powerful youth and very early on he joined a progressive movement. In 1938 at the time of the Metaxas dictatorship, he was arrested and imprisoned in Rupishta, Kostur.

In the time of the Nazi occupation, he was among the first to join the ranks of the national struggle and became a good organiser and an activist in EAM. In 1943 he joined the ranks of ELAS and fought as a leading commander with bravery and a patriotic enthusiasm against the occupiers for a free motherland. Because of his works, and also because of the involvement of his whole family in the national liberation struggle, after the Varkiza agreement, he and his family were followed and inhumanely tortured by the government forces and armed bandits.

For that reason, he was forced to take up a rifle once more and to fight in the ranks of DAG. He participated in many battles in Macedonia, Thrace, Roumelia and he fought heroically. On 26 July 1947 he fell, an officer of DAG, on Kafki hill in Agrafa.

After a year in the month of July 1948 his younger brother, Kirko, was also killed.

Kirko was born in 1921. Following the example of his older brother Kosta, he also joined the revolutionary movement at the age of 17. In 1938 at the time of the dark dictatorship of Metaxas, he was arrested and lay in prison for three months. At the time of the German occupation he was one of the first members of EAM and worked as an organiser of the people in the national struggle. After a betrayal, Kirko was arrested by the occupying forces and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He lay in Athenian prisons for a long time and later was sent to Italy and from there to the German camps. Kirko had joined the revolutionary movement at a young age, and bore many burdens on his shoulders so that he could see his motherland free and to see it enjoy democracy. However, when he returned from the German camps, he found things different in Greece to what he expected. In the place of the German occupiers now there were the English (later the Americans) and the Greek government was again in the hands of those who had fought together with the Germans. In Kostur as in the whole of Greece various terrorist bands were carrying out a terror campaign. Filled with hate for the new occupiers and their servants, Kirko threw himself afresh into the struggle for freedom, independence and democracy. In 1946 he entered the ranks of DAG and fought bravely in the mountains and villages of western Macedonia.

In 1948, Kirko served in the intelligence service of the 14th infantry brigade and in this post he fell heroically in July 1948 in the village Zhelin, Kostur region.


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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