Duvalovska Afrodita (Floga)

Afrodita Duvalovska is born in 1922 in the village Nestram, Kostur region. In the Nazi occupation she was among the first and best members of EPON in the village. At the beginning of 1944 she joined the ranks of ELAS and fought heroically against the occupiers.

After the Varkiza agreement she was followed. She joined DAG as early as September 1046. She completed officer school at the DAG headquarters. She was one of the best students at the school and courageously faced the enemy operations in Agrafa as well as all of the trials of battle - hunger, cold. She participated in the great march of the headquarters from Roumelia - Gramos - Vich. She was a tireless fighter and was regularly in battle, usually in the front lines.

She took part in the great battles of Gramos in 1948 as a sub-lieutenant, unit commander and defended the Gorusa-Haros hills. Her unit fought courageously and successfully handled the attacks from the numerous enemy. She was often in the front line and with a machine gun in her hands. She was cool-headed and decisive. She liked and respected the fighters and her authority was highly regarded by them.

She was wounded in the leg at the great attack in Haros. The commander of the unit allocated her a comrade to take her to the station for first aid. She would not agree to go.

"Why are you still here?" the captain asked her. She answered, "How can I escape? What will happen with the leadership?"

And only when the captain persuaded her that the leadership would be taken care of and would continue the battle, did she set off to the station for first aid.

Afrodita fought in all battles passionately with her youthful fire. She was promoted to unit commissar and it was in that post that she was killed on 11 November 1948 at the battle of Bikovik - Vich.

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From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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