Doichinov Todor (Morava)

He was born in Enidzhe-Vardar in 1919 in a struggling craftsman's family. During the time of the Nazi occupation, he actively participated in the people's struggle for liberation. From a young age he kept company with progressive people. He was a member of OKNE and from 1942 a member of CPG. The enemy regarded him with terror. The fascists in the area trembled with fear when they heard the name Morava - his pseudonym. A notice was published in the newspapers stating that the person who would bring the head of Morava to the government forces would get a monetary award.

In January 1946 Morava was again among the first partisans. He entered the town Enidzhe-Vardar itself to fulfill orders specifically given to him by the Party. Not concerned about the effort required, and not thinking of himself, he went around the whole area to organise the people against the monarcho-fascist forces. In 1947 he was discovered by the local agents in the village Krushara. The traitors were Petar Kurtelev - mayor of the village and Ivan Rabushev. Many gendarmes arrived and surrounded the village. Then Morava, along with Kicho Krstev, cut through the enemy line surrounding the house they were in and set off to leave the village. But in the effort to make their way they hit the second line surrounding the village. Krstev fell and Morava was wounded in the leg. Then he gathered together his remaining strength and scrambled to a safer spot, burned his documents and kept watch alone against hundreds of enemy fighters. Realising that he will either be taken alive or die at the hand of the enemy he took his last hand bomb, dropped it on the ground and lay down on top of it.

The monarcho-fascists took his body and threw it in the village square in Enidzhe-Vardar as a warning to the people but instead of them becoming afraid, the sight fortified their hatred against the enemy.

Hr Mishov


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters