Bochev Nikola

Nikola Bochev was born in the village Ekshisovo, Lerin region in 1920 to a poor village family. He completed his primary education in the village of his birth and then he went to work in the fields. Because his father's orchards were not enough to feed the family, he had to go to work for others.

From a young age he was a sympathiser of CPG and in 1944 he became a member. In 1946 he joined he ranks of DAG and became a military commander. In 1948 he moved to the People's Police and served in Vich, Prespa region. In July 1948 when the forces of DAG were engaged in Gramos and DAG did not have an army at Prespa, one fascist battalion set off from Lerin with the intention of taking Prespa, which was at that time free. It managed to reach Bela-Voda and then moved toward the villages German and Rudari. The danger for Prespa was manifest. Fifteen to twenty police fought bravely all day against the fascist battalion and managed to hold the fascists until a company of DAG arrived. In that hard unequal battle Nikola was injured. However, despite the heavy wound he continued to fight and fell heroically. For his bravery he was made a lieutenant, deceased hero.

P Dumkov


From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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