Aleksovski Vasil

On 4 March 1944 the Macedonian people lost one of the best of their sons, the unforgettable Vasil Aleksovski.

Aleksovski dedicated all his young years and the rest of his life to the united struggle of the Macedonian and Greek comrades for democracy, independence and freedom, against the fascist regime of Metaxas, against the Nazi and Italian [Axis] fascism and its local servants.

Vasil Aleksovski was born in the village Drenoveni, Kostur in 1911. He spent his childhood in his own village. At the age of 10 or 11 he moved to Kostur with his parents. In the Kostur high school where he studied he was an excellent student, he was a man of the people and was progressive. For that reason, he was liked by the other progressive students and teachers. Vasil became a member of the Greek communist youth organisation - OKNE - while still a high school student.

In the period 1930-36 in collaboration with the unforgettable hero Tasho Karadzhata and other Macedonian and Greek comrades, on behalf of CPG, he worked tirelessly to form a branch of the CPG in Kostur. When the parliamentary elections were held on 25 January 1936 they motivated the people of the region to vote for the candidates of the CPG with their decisive operations and they succeeded in getting a representative of the CPG (Popular Front) elected for the Kostur and Lerin regions.

The black days of the Metaxas regime arrived. Vasil and his co-workers Tasho Karadzha and others, under the leadership of the CPG and personally, Lazo Trpovski, who at that time was underground, extended the struggle against the fascist regime of Metaxas.

He fought bravely for the establishment of the patriotic line of the CPG against the Italo-fascist aggression of 1940-41 and as a soldier of the 32nd regiment.

During the Nazi and Italian fascist occupation, Vasil found himself among the first in the ranks of EAM. As a member of the Kostur committee of EAM he fought decisively without regard for his own safety against the Bulgarian fascists.

The influence of Aleksovski on the Macedonian and Greek populations in Kostur region helped to strengthen the units of EAM and ELAS and to liquidate the bands of Kalchev, Kolara and others.

Aleksovski also struggled against the new nationalists and separatists of the battle unity of the Macedonians and the Greek people.

On 4 March 1944 Vasil had gone to Chereshnichki huts above the village of Kondorobi to speak with those who continued to serve the occupiers. After the betrayal however, he was surrounded by the leading band of the villain Temo, and there he was killed.

The last words of Vasil to his killers were "Consider who you are fighting for."

On 4 March at dawn, the heart of Vasil Aleksovski stopped beating. The mournful news was carried from village to village, from one unit of the famous ELAS to another. The people and ELAS sing the new tragic folk song about Vasil: "Rise up comrade Aleksovski."

Aleksovski's life was extinguished but his name grew greater. Thousands of Macedonian men and women in struggle united with the Greek people in the ranks of ELAS and CPG, they fought to revenge the death of Aleksovski.

The immortal hero Aleksovski has entered into the pantheon of our heroes, who have given their lives for freedom, democracy and independence of our homeland. The young generation is inspired by the example of Aleksovski and will follow him into battle until the final victory.

H. E.

From: For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters

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For Sacred National Freedom: Portraits Of Fallen Freedom Fighters